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  1. I'm a cellist, not a cello maker. I'm looking to buy a better cello. I found one that I really like, which has an oil varnish on it. I'm a little concerned because just during the two months I've had it on loan, the varnish seems to have lost some of its sheen. I'm not sure why that is - could it be the microfiber cloth I use to keep the cello clean? Or just from the summer heat and the cello being shut up in a fiberglass case most of the time? If anyone here cares to share their knowledge and experience on the topic of oil varnishes, I'd certainly be grateful!
  2. https://tarisio.com/cozio-archive/cozio-carteggio/the-mantegazza-family/ is relevant to the discussion. A Mantegazza cello is presented there. Apparently, there aren't very many.
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