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  1. Reply from Herr Benedek: dar Mr. Zbikowski, about 40 years ago i sold a few instruments from this maker, but I don't know if Joan Luca is still alive. He was a maker of Reghin in Tanssilvania, Rumania. His work was better student instruments. I sold them in the 1980-ies for ca. 2 - 3.000 DM, In this time ca 600 - 1000 US$. Today could be about 4 - 5000 US$. I hope I could help you and best regards, Peter Benedek
  2. I've sent an email to Herr Benedek's shop. I'll post the reply.
  3. It would make for an interesting back story, that is for sure. Thank you for the information.
  4. Surely it's for applying to violinists' mouths to acoustically enhance them... OP: hope you have insurance because that one is toast. I have a String Swing on the wall in my office to put my viola or fiddle out of harm's way if something/someone pops up in the middle of practice etc.
  5. I get that. Most workshops have someone's name associated and an address. I'm well aware the fiddle isn't anything rare or extra special outside of my personal attachment to it. It's a good playing intermediate viola that suits a church accompanist well enough. I just wanted more info because I couldn't find anything on the internet. Someone somewhere had to have owned one of these at some point is what my luthier said. That sounds right. Certainly looks like the right man. Wouldn't know how to even begin doing that. Thank you all for your time and knowlege.
  6. If anyone has some knowledge of, or information about, this workshop/maker I'd purely be interested. It was gifted to my by my grandmother who helped me pick it out in Munich. It was at a shop near the Marienplatz. At the time I had a TDY check burning a hole in my pocket from a year of peacekeeping in the former Republic of Yugoslavia while in the Army and the intent to go to college to study music when I got out. I can't remember the shop's name and doubt they have sale/purchase records from 1996 plus my German hasn't gotten any better in the intervening decades. I had it appraised a couple years back for insurance ($2500 replacement value) and the description is included. Photos attached as best I can do. Neither the appraiser nor my luthier have any clue who or what Luca Toau/Joau is. Google has failed me and I don't speak Romanian. Luthier recommended asking here stating "someone on Maestronet will know." Any ideas? Thanks for taking a look.