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  1. A heartfelt thanks to everyone on this thread! One of the best experiences on a forum and keep sharing that knowledge. I am off to see if I can convert this violin into some funds!
  2. Do the photos help with a determination of the type of wood used?
  3. I am not sure if these photos will help you answer the question, but here goes.
  4. Where and how would I check if the linings are made of Walnut? Sorry for the novice remarks.
  5. Yes, sorry for the misspelling of the name. The information has been wonderful so far! Thanks.
  6. Hopefully these are better? Thanks in advance for your gracious replies.
  7. Thanks for viewing my violin. Wondering if this can be close to anything the label says? I spoke to a local violin shop owner and he said it was an authentic German violin valued $3000-$5000. My biggest concern was the 4 digit inventory number?THANKS!