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  1. Don't you think the price was influenced by the fact that Tosha Seidel played this violin? The same violinist from Gershwin's song who came with Leopold Auer to America from Russia. This violin is part of history. The price of an viola by the same master at the same auction may be proof of this. https://youtu.be/q9liNoampOk
  2. https://www.oasishumidifiers.com/product/oasis-case-humidifier-oh6/
  3. Thank you! I saw cracks in the varnish, but did not consider them critical.
  4. Hello! Who could not listen to this lot? https://tarisio.com/auctions/auction/lot/?csid=2199339008&cpid=3687907328&filter_key= Excellent condition, but sold very cheaply. Sounds so bad?
  5. http://levsobol.ru/index.html
  6. I already bought 6 bows from this seller. There were also modern Brazilian and like yours. All are very decent. I created a topic here about the last bow.
  7. Good day! Today we got a bow. Have tried. The violin on which the daughter plays - Paolo Morara sounded much more interesting with a new bow. She used to play A. Carlesso bow.
  8. Hello! Another ebay purchase. Does it look like a french bow?
  9. Thank you very much for the information provided! I found photos at the time of repairing this violin. Interestingly, the corner inserts and ducky are saturated with something. have a dark color and a persistent smell of cognac / oak. This violin really sounds very good.
  10. Hello! I apologize right away - English is not my native language. I use an electronic translator. I have been reading this forum for about a year and find it very useful and interesting. I would like to ask for help with information about this violin. I have it in my collection for about 2 years. Has a good, deep sound. There is no information about the master. Thank!
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