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  1. Hello this is Göktan, i am living at İstanbul Turkey.We have a very old violin.It came from my third generation grandmother.My 4/5 generation grandfather was Aleppo governor and his wife was one of egypt princess.This violin was belong to their granddoughter.Violin has no brand mark on it.Only G letter behind it and also bridge which is dresden.But we cant identify violin's brand maybe its handmade ? We really dont know.I am trying to find brand and value of this violin and dont know which way should i go ? Pictures of Violin ; https://ibb.co/BBFfCvD https://ibb.co/g6wBJNk https://ibb.co/Gx6qbBm https://ibb.co/jT0VDmd https://ibb.co/gDTTp7q https://ibb.co/7SjC7KD https://ibb.co/tBtyRcd https://ibb.co/kq0cGyL https://ibb.co/hyZjjTz https://ibb.co/PzK7C44 https://ibb.co/6PsRGsh https://ibb.co/Jcwvdmw https://ibb.co/w0wJ3gc Please share your ideas and comments. Thank you
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