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  1. Hello, I'm recently retired and I want to follow a long-time dream and build a bass. Finding well seasoned wood has been surprisingly difficult. Having built 15 guitars I naively thought that I would be able to find wood through a number of suppliers but it seems anything I buy will have to sit in my shop for at least a few years before I build with it and I really don't want to do that. Does anyone know of a source for well seasoned wood? Do you know anyone with a stash that might let some wood go? I have a few months of shop prep, mould building, clamp making (oh the clamps!) to g
  2. Nah, I still haven't managed to be idiotic, simpleminded boorish or half-assed yet and I have errands to run besides. So much embarrassment, so little time.
  3. Wow, still on my first cup of coffee and I'm already bordering on ridiculous. It's going to be a good day.
  4. I bought a violin in May (Amati auction) and posted it here and the general consensus was c.1900 Markneukirchen. The label only says "The MItthelm Violin 1870". In yesterday's Amati Auction there was another that I think was made in the same shop. It's labeled "The Victor Violin, 1889". It's clearly a different body shape and smaller. The first one is 37.1cm and this one is 35.3cm but I think a combination of the antiquing, the C-bout area shape, the varnish, the peg head shape, the naming convention and the general vibe put it likely from the same shop. What do you think? Same Shop? Any
  5. @jacobsaunders Assuming the existing chin rest area repairs were done with hide glue, do you think it could be teased apart and redone by someone who know what they are doing?
  6. I don't know. She was given the violin. I don't know if it had a bow with it.
  7. Yeah, too bad about that but it sounds amazingly good despite the damage. Very full and resonant.
  8. This fiddle belongs to a friend of mine. I saw it the other day and after I got home I though I should upload images here and see what you all think. I had her take the pics and send them to me. I'm going to hazard a guess and say Mittenwald and perhaps mid 19th century but I'm a rank beginner here so it is only a shot in the dark. What to you folks think?
  9. Thanks all, For now I'll leave everything alone and not rush into anything and see how it behaves over time.
  10. No, the soundpost seems a good fit. Without string pressure I can move it around with a setting tool as normal but it isn't loose enough to fall down.
  11. Hello, I have an old German trade fiddle of the lined-but-no-corner-blocks variety. The wood is nice looking and it sounds wonderful. There are no cracks, repaired or otherwise. When I strung it up for the first time in many years it sounded amazing but on day three I noticed the top under the treble side bridge foot was flattening. There is a slightly flattened oval area about 16mm wide and maybe 2 inches long centered under that bridge foot. It doesn't show well in pics but I think you can see the gap under the ruler. I'm assuming the top in that area and maybe the general a
  12. Thanks, That was my original question. That's what I thought too but I wanted confirmation. -Jeff
  13. I realize the top would have to come off. Perhaps I should have spelled that out but once it is off, how would you glue it? Again, I'm not doing the repair. It's just an image from an eBay listing. I'm not even considering purchasing. I'm just curious.
  14. This is not my instrument. It's just one that I ran across on eBay and it made me wonder how you would get glue into a crack that doesn't run to an edge. It seems to me that you wouldn't be able to flex it enough to get the glue into the crack. Especially right across the sound post where the top is thickest.