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  1. Actually, not much. I traded it for some other violin and at this moment I don't even care so much what it is because it sounds so good and I really played on high grade Italian violins like Strad, Montagnana, Presenda, Goffriler so compared to those diamonds, mine is not so bad
  2. Thanks for your advice and time. I am a professional violinist but quite blind for there assessments but planning on learning stuff
  3. Actually it says a copy of an old intrument made by J.Merciolle , but i guess it's not even that . Ah well , atleast it sounds really great
  4. Thank you very much , but if its not handcrafted then i payed maybe to much
  5. Is that a bad thing,like is it a factory violin?
  6. Ok, any opinions Jryn . Thank You .
  7. Hi all. I'm new to this forum and I apologize if I'm posting in the wrong section. I need help to ID my recently acquired violin. It has a Jules Merciolle label, but strangely no year or anything. I even don't think it's French but I have no clue actually except it sounds really great. Here are some pics. Thanks in advance!