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    History, , photography, bare knuckle boxing, 18 century England, music, all musical instruments but lately violin is my fad, quantum physics (not joking). And I am a fitness fanatic, and travel buff.

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  1. I work full time, really bad hours, but I love practicing,so I dont have your problem. If for some reason I didnt want to practice, I simply wouldnt, for me it would be turning it into a job of work rather than a pleasure, which for me it is. Why not have some days when you just play any tunes you want, without worrying about having to practice, try different styles, like trad, or Blues..
  2. Only my pride was injured as I didnt complete my run as fast;), the staples did slow me down even more though on my next run, couldnt take the extra weight.... Dont know about a helmet, could do with wearing full armour as I am a walking disaster area.
  3. Thats what Saruman found to his cost, when he was renovating his pad.
  4. @PhilipKT To you the axe was dangerous to me it was the actual wood. Very similar incident in a way. I was out running, going dark and as I ran through a wood near were I live, I ducked beneath an overhanging tree branch, but not quite enough, farther on in my run I thought I was sweating a lot more than my exertion demanded, it was only when I reached the main road and street lamps showed my previously white t shirt to be now a lovely deep crimson shade. I went to the hospital were the nurse asked if I had run all the way there, five miles, not withstanding I would have ďied of blood loss, nine staples to hold my head together.
  5. Thanks for the comment and support John.
  6. True, romance isnt dead, I just look it.
  7. After five whisky and sodas you wouldnt be able to dance either.
  8. If I was able to dance I would, unfortunately for me thats not possible..
  9. Just before I got into violin, I went to byegone times not far from were I live, a big warehouse full of every old thing under the sun, takes hours to walk around. One of the stalls near the entrance had loads of garbage but in an old golf bag were about 8 violin bows for a fiver which I didnt buy, so there you go, whats the betting?
  10. Over here we have car boot sales(I assume you dont live in the uk) but due to the lockdown there have been none for quite a while, when they re open if ever, I do intend taking a look round them, I am not looking for some world beating instrument I know that wont happen, I sold my guitar to buy a violin, paid 1250 for it which to me is a lot of money, but I realise that to most on here that is nothing, but its also no reason to belittle someone. I do live in hope of someday coming across something a bit better, who knows, it could happen. In any case thanks for the advice, I had been tempted to buy fillers but resisted the temptation
  11. thanks for your helpful advice, my question however was directed at the gentleman who knows about auctions.
  12. I adjust my bridge myself using a credit card at ninety degrees, if I left it two years it would be leaning too much and could have warped, in fact I think it was someone on here who told me how to do it. I personally think 40 quid for a good bridge well fitted is a bargain, never asked my luthier to do it though, so dont know what he charges but considering its effect on sound quality its not something I would scrimp on. I thought if you stopped them leaning they lasted a long time?
  13. Do you ever come across any that poor people like me have a chance at. Some of these affordable ones are a kings ransom, for me at least. What is your you tube channel called.
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