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  1. Just watched the video tried the credit card behind the bridge and it was a millimetre and a half out, I have straightened it now, and as soon as I tried it out the intonation was better especially the d on a string, I don’t know if it’s psychological, and if moving the bridge just such a small amount can make a difference like that but to me it sounds vastly better, quite incredible, many thanks for posting the video, I will now check the bridge regularly
  2. This could seem a very stupid and simple question, but as I am a complete beginner with the violin I am asking for the help of you very knowledgable people. I know that sometimes as strings are tightened and replaced the bridge can lean forward, I recently put new strings on mine and the bridge is indeed slightly tilted toward the fingerboard, I have gingerly straightened it but to my eyes it’s difficult to see if it’s perfectly straight, it can’t be far out but I was wondering is there some device to check how straight it is or some other way that you may know of, to you this may seem trivial, especially with the beautiful work you produce but I would welcome any advice.
  3. Modern Anastasiya Petryshak, old probably Kreisler for me even though I don’t know much about playing he had a very warm sound which I like. I would have loved to have heard lipinski when he played with Paganini
  4. My instrument is the guitar which I have played for over thirty years, I have started to try to learn the violin mainly as a hobby. At first when I started to learn guitar I used to have blisters and shed skin on my left hand fingers but now I have pads on the end of my fingers you probably couldn’t push a needle through, they don’t stand out if you look at them though. Steve vai when he used to take a bath would hang his left hand out Over the edge so as not to soften his fingers, don’t know if he still does though.
  5. I would play the part B, but I couldn’t do it justice after listening to your playing on there I would make it sound like a laurel and hardy attempt at classical music, And probably be the recipient of hate mail from every lover of Bach in the world, I really like the arrangement however and am extremely impressed.
  6. What you say is quite true, I have moved the chin rest on my violin more to the centre of the tail piece rather than the ten o clock position, which feels more comfortable, I have looked at getting a higher chin rest but then would have the problem of the violin fitting in the case, bit of a dilemma, but for the moment I think I will have to stick to the higher shoulder rest.
  7. For some reason I can’t get the videos to play.
  8. Did you record your arrangements of minuets, if you did I would love to hear them, If you have any link I would really like to listen, especially since I know nothing at all about violas.
  9. Thank you very much for this I am going to try it out later. Of course you are quite correct about the notes in the first video. The problem was I was teaching myself to read music and this was the first one I tried, in my pride I thought I had it right so carried on playing it like that and then after comments on here I looked at the music again with new eyes and this time could plainly see that I had all the lengths of the notes wrong, this is not to say that I have improved at all because of realising my mistake. My intonation does need a LOT of work, I also need to try to improve the tone which sounds like a strangled cat at the moment, it’s frustrating,. I have started to try to completely relax my shoulder in order to put some weight into the string but find myself pressing with the bow when I do this, but I will persevere. Will chromatic scales help my intonation I have started to practice these as well. I love Bach I play a gavotte in g minor by him, just hope he forgives me.
  10. A very good documentary film about violin making is strad style, don’t know if anyone on here has seen it. Very entertaining.
  11. Extremely interesting, as a beginner with the violin I don’t know much about sound maturing, I think it was Yehudi Menuhin who said though that when he played his violin he could feel the spirit of everyone who had owned it before him as though they were somehow embedded in the instrument.
  12. I am trying to do as you say with the contact point and with the weight of my arm, but must confess I am not 100 per cent sure I am doing it right. You are correct also about the singing internally and I am starting to do that a lot more.
  13. I have took your advice to the letter, tonight I played only scales very slowly, trying to get the notes perfect, very time consuming but worth it in the long run. I also have been the bars down as you said and practicing each note till I am blue in the face. Is it possible to get to the point we’re you hit the note perfectly, I find c and a to be the hardest, along with flats,/sharps, thanks for your input
  14. I have started to pay much more attention to my intonation, I will be honest I think one of my problems is laziness and I sometimes don’t concentrate hard enough. I have spent so much time concentrating on learning to read music I have forgotten to think about what matters. You are correct about doing to manny things at once by the way, as I have been going like a bull in a china shop trying to perfect double stops.