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  1. I didn’t know that, but then again, I am finding there is a lot I don’t know;)
  2. Thanks for the comment, I am trying my hardest, I am disappointed with myself, mainly because I quite naively gave myself two years to learn, which was stupid in the extreme, it’s so much more difficult than I thought it would be, everything, even down to fingers being curved n the bow. I am starting to realise that every single tiny detail matters, and if I had realised this from the start I would have put a great deal more effort in than I already have, like I have said to others my main problem apart from everything else is that what I hear as I play sounds nothing like the recorded version. believe it or not, I only realised when I recorded this last one that my violin after I posted it, was way out of tune, so the notes sounded correct to me but were half a tone out, don’t know if that makes much different to intonation or not as I have never had experience with an instrument that doesn’t have frets. By the way I will check out peak fiddler, I am now busy learning how to sing scales as this will improve my intonation
  3. Thank you for your reply, you are most kind. I would imagine everyone goes through the same frustration that I am going through , I just have to accept it’s a slow process. I will start to play short pieces And hopefully it may help, again thanks for your reply.
  4. You must be very proud of your daughter, I would be. Your go fund me idea made me smile, maybe they would fund me to be quiet, only joking, if I couldn’t afford something myself however I would rather die than ask other people for help, which is why it made me smile. I ask for advice which costs nothing and sometimes is of great use. Thanks for the idea, and for replying to my posts, encouragement is sometimes the best thing you can get:)
  5. I actually think that the strength and dexterity of my left hand is an advantage of playing guitar when it comes to violin, at least I can already move my fingers, even if they go into the wrong place. I have started to sing tunes before playing them to see if that fixes the notes in my head, And makes my intonation better don’t know if it will, but I am going to try.) I don’t really know if your teacher is correct as I learned guitar a long, long,long time ago So to me apart from being able to span nearly the whole fingerboard, and also nearly snapping the neck on the violin, I can’t tell if it’s any type of advantage other than what I said above. You are probably right about lessons, but at the moment I have a really terribly paid job, so it isn’t an option, who knows maybe I will win the lottery, alternatively I could go on you tube playing classical music on violin to make people laugh, like les Dawson an English comedian used to do on piano, he turned playing it badly into a comedic art form.
  6. "You are quite correct of course, in fact you just reminded me of the very reason I did take it up, maybe I won’t snap it in two like I feel like doing.:)
  7. Thanks it’s appreciated that you took the time to give a bit of help, I will try what you have advised, to be honest though I am on the verge of giving up and sticking to guitar, for me one and a half years to get this stage seems a terrible long time, like I said anyway thanks for your advice. By the way I think all guitarists should try violin, it’s a bit of an ego blow when you suddenly realise that without frets you can’t really hear the notes;)
  8. Thanks again for you answers, as you rightly point out with my idea of a monitor I will probably hear something wrong but won’t know how to fix it, but I will try my best and give it me best shot, like I said I don’t have a teacher can’t afford one but I will work out my faults without any help eventually.
  9. Extremely grateful for you taking the time to pass on your advice, I intend acting on all of it. I am thinking of getting an electric violin and a monitor like I used to have for guitar so that when I play I hear the sound I Am creating in front of me I don’t know if this will help but I am considering it.
  10. Outofnames, thanks for the reply, it’s good to know that I am on the right track, I often think that there is no improvement, but it could be like you say, I should leave larger time gaps between recording myself and I may then see some hopefully leaps, no doubt about it though it’s a very slow process, when I learned guitar many, many years ago, it didn’t take me very long at all, maybe a couple of months and I think I was expecting the same with this which was foolish in the extreme, but in saying that, one of the reasons I chose violin was because I had been told it was the hardest instrument in the world to learn. If there is one thing I like it’s a challenge and you can’t get much more challenging than the violin, very enjoyable experience though.
  11. Palousian, thanks for your reply and comments, I am trying to work on my intonation, which probably like all starters find difficult (as well as everything else), but hopefully it will get better as I will now concentrate even more on it. I love traditional Irish and hope some day may get good enough to play in a session. I also love the classical music side of violin as well, which I also find a challenge, but , it wouldn’t be worth doing otherwise.
  12. Thanks for your reply it made me smile. My recording is just done on my cheap I pad, I don’t have a mike or anything like that. I bought my T shirt in Catania last year, loved the place as I do with all of Italy and the Italian people, Sicily is especially beautiful though.
  13. I posted a video a few weeks ago and a lot of you were kind enough to take a look and give me tips on what I should work on which i can’t tell you how much it is appreciated as I am completely self taught , I don’t have a teacher, can’t afford one. I have worked on intonation and tempo, but I am still unhappy with my progress. Some of you mentioned putting weight into the bow arm to achieve a better tone, some mentioned playing scales slowly which I have done. I try to hold the bow as lightly as I can, on the up bow I have what I think may be a bad habit of lifting my little finger, I would like anyone’s thoughts on this and if it’s bad how to stop doing it, I am also trying my hardest to bow more using my elbow and not moving my upper arm as much any hints on practicing this would be helpful. How do you put weight into the bow arm while holding the bow very lightly. I am trying to get more movement in my wrist like a paint. Brush effect which someone on you tube mentioned. If anyone would take a look at my latest attempt I would be indebted, coming up to 16 months playing and am quite unhappy with how I am progressing, when I play, to me it sounds as though the tone is good and when I play it back it’s disastrous. the tune is a very old Irish one which I learned by ear after listening to recordings on you tube, just hope the old Irish musicians forgive my effort.
  14. I actually know someone who believes the flat Earth theory, they also believe that the moon is just above the Earth by few thousand feet and the proof is that on bright nights clouds are obviously behind the moon. I tried to explain to him that this is an optical illusion caused by the moon being brighter than the surrounding area because of reflected light therefore clouds appear to be at the back of the moon. Wasted my time arguing, people believe what they want to believe, to be honest though it doesn’t really matter as they are causing no harm, and, if it makes them happy, fair enough.