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    History, , photography, bare knuckle boxing, 18 century England, music, all musical instruments but lately violin is my fad, quantum physics (not joking). And I am a fitness fanatic, and travel buff.

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  1. Do you ever come across any that poor people like me have a chance at. Some of these affordable ones are a kings ransom, for me at least. What is your you tube channel called.
  2. Thanks for the reply,that sounds a good idea with the scale, I am going to give that a go see if it improves my ear at all, cant hurt to try anyway.
  3. Thanks for your comment Arbos,and the interval idea for intonation. I will certainly start to use that in my practice sesions , anything that helps is useful, appreciate You taking the time to reply to my post.
  4. Thanks david didnt know that, I tought he had only owned the one made by Amati.
  5. Thanks for that, so the original is at Oxford, have to visit Paris some time to take a look at the later one.
  6. I thought the Alard was in the ashmolean at oxford.
  7. @MichelleAllan, thanks for your kind comment, greatly appreciated.
  8. Its because the image in your mind is created by both your eyes together if you look with one eye only then look with the other eye it will appear to lean at different angles. You can try this out by looking at anything with one eye closed, then look with the other eye, while closing the first, what you look at will appear to move slightly, my opthalmologist explained this to me,it can also be due to differences in strength of vision in each eye.
  9. ctanzio, thanks for the comment and support. I do still struggle with tempo, as you point out, I have tried a metronome, and intend starting to use one regularly, its good advice. very astute observation on patience and note length, that is probably amongst other things one of my main failings, I will get better though:)
  10. Thanks for your comment, much appreciated. I have put a vast amount of work in, on trying to improve, especially during our frequent lock downs when I havent been able to go to work for monthhs on end, all I do is go for walks and practice. By the way I think you are qualiified to give advice, thought your last post was excellent.
  11. Andrew, we are similar in that I started a long time ago on other instruments, couldnt read music but I have taught myself how to do that in the last couple of years. I think being able to move the left hand already, helps a lot, but no way to deny that fiddle is very hard indeed, I like your choice of words as well(more mature), made me laugh;)
  12. Thank you both for taking the time to comment. Georgae H thanks for the advice and the idea of the backing tracks I am going to try that out, as you say may be good fun, (you are right about fourth finger as well)
  13. The anniversary of me starting to play this most difficult of instruments, I haveno teacher and people on here gaveme some good advice, this is were I am now. I use slow pieces like this to try to improve tone and intonation. I have now started to learn a few baroque pieces from baroque volume 2 by Richard jones, any comments welcome, thanks for viewing.
  14. Very amusing, it does matter though if its a left handed violin.
  15. Wishing all at Maestronet a happy xmas and a safe new year, with thanks for all the advice I was given free of charge on how to play violin. its appreciated, I especially hope all those , with whom I have had friendly debates prosper in the new year, and manage to avoid the virus. stay safe all.