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    History, , photography, bare knuckle boxing, 18 century England, music, all musical instruments but lately violin is my fad, quantum physics (not joking). And I am a fitness fanatic, and travel buff.

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  1. I am quite happy with my cheap crap fiddle, but I wouldn’t mind having a jam session with Steve Vai in which I would use Hendrix white Strat.
  2. I have just been bidding in the amati affordable auction, if thats affordable I wouldnt like to see expensive.
  3. Stringy

    f holes

    Thanks for the replies. I appreciate the images from Wilano illustrating his points perfectly, And with which I must agree. Beauty but must be functional. Tha ks to mark and duane too for the input and sharing your thoughts on what I find a fascinating subject.
  4. Stringy

    f holes

    I know that luthiers have varied opinions on what constitutes beauty in a finished instrument, and was wondering what the experts on here would consider, the perfect scroll, and f holes. For instance making the f holes longer than normal and slimmer, would this be a hanging offence? Forgive my ignorance, but the best way to learn is ask, thanks in advance for any interest and time in answering.
  5. I miss the theatre more than anything else, I live and love theatre, musicals, plays anything, life is drab without it.
  6. Stringy

    Fake Flames

    Do flames not change when you tilt the instrument with light falling on it, or am I missing something, on my violin if you tilt it the flames appear to move
  7. Don’t push down, only joking. Sounds muscular, tricep possibly?
  8. I have had rotator cuff tears in both my shoulders, as I do a lot of body weight exercises such as chin ups, dips, pull ups squats and the like. The only thing that will cure rotator cuff is rest or surgery, if you rest anti inflamation drugs are the way to go, when I say rest though I mean REST, try not to raise your arm too much and definitely don’t lift anything heavy, my right shoulder took around six months the left was quicker, it’s frustrating but it will heal if you leave it, extremely painful injury.
  9. Thank you all so much for your responses, it’s worrying when, like I said I already have tinnitus. My hearing is pretty good but I don’t want to damage it any more than it is". I have heard your playing Stephen and it certainly has not affected your playing, the hearing problem I mean, which is encouraging for me as it has now become part of my life, as it probably does with most people who take up violin, and I didn’t like the idea of having to cut down on practice time or anything just as I feel I am improving.
  10. I have a serious question on hearing loss related to violin playing, has anyone ever come across any articles which link playing the instrument to loss of hearing, I already have tinnitus from years of loud rock music and wouldn’t like my new found hobby to finish off, what gigs started. I would have thought it isn’t loud enough to do any damage but would like the opinions of anyone on here who could be bothered to answer.
  11. Its very bright, bow could do with a re hair, strings are a little unresposive though.
  12. Can anyone tell me if this violin and bow are Italian or French, my first thought is Cremonese, but I am not 100 per cent certain, and as itis on sale for the astronomical sum of 65 pounds I would value your opinions
  13. I know absolutely zilch about the building of a violin but am fascinated by your perception with the grain in the wood, what constitutes good grain, I really do want to know, as I wouldn’t have noticed the waviness in a thousand years if you hadn’t pointed it out, forgive my ignorance on the subject.