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  1. I don't know a lot about violins, but I know scarampella had an assistant called gadda right? That also made some violins with scarampella label. If this is the case, how much does this violins cost? And authentic scarampella? I have some strings from an old factory here in argentina that doesn't exist anymore (60 years ago). And my grandfather brought this violin from Italy around 1940. Thanks for all your help! (Sorry if my english isn't the best)
  2. Yes, im planning to take it to a well known luthier here in Buenos Aires when quarantine ends. I don't know if it helps but my grandfather came from Italy before the second world war. In the case were some old strings from an argentinean factory that doesn't exist anymore. Thanks for your help!
  3. So, I have a violin that was from my grandfather, and was in the attic after he passed away. He had it his whole life and I would like to know if its authentic, and how much is worth it. I installed fine tuners in A,D and G strings because I started two months ago playing At the end are some pics of the bow that was in the case when I found it. The other bow is one I bought recently.
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