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  1. “Violin Identification and Price Guide“ BOOKS 1,2,3 (selling as set) by Roy Ehrhardt - Very Good Condition $350 “The Best of Trade Secrets” theStrad BOOKS 1,2,3 (selling as set) - Like New $75 “The Violin Makers of the Guarneri Family“ William Henry Hill.. - Excellent Condition $10 “Violin Varnishes“ Joseph & Reiner Hammerl - Excellent Condition $45 “Antonio Stradivari, the Cremona Exhibit of 1987“ - Excellent Condition $350 “Stradivari‘s Violin Forms” Steward Pollens” - Near Mint with one small smudge on front cover. Very Rare (Abe Books $1,000+) $850 Price of individual books do not include shipping. Sold separately the collection = $1,650 I will take $1,200 FOR ALL Include shipping. John http://ebay.us/ndV007?cmpnId=5338273189
  2. No its still available. Ive decided to take the Biddulph set off of here as it seems most here are looking for less expensive books, which is understandable especially during a pandemic. I had it priced at what i thought would have been attractive price but it didn't generate any interest so I put it on eBay for a higher price/obo. At the moment, Im in no rush to sell it. Glad your happy with your purchase! Thx!
  3. Thanks Nick, i noted that price. That is helpful.
  4. My translated to English Sacconi book was published in 2000. Regarding the Courtnal.. im almost certain I paid $275 about 20 years ago but it was 20 years ago. When currently Chinese soft covers are selling for $100, to me $350 for a pristine hardcover doesn't seem like a bad investment but with all this hub bub over the price Ill lower it yet again to $275. This copy i am selling is a hardcover in excellent condition. Whether or not it is important I suppose depends on the importance it is to the builder. Personally i referred to it with every violin, viola or cello i made. Unless your blessed with a photographic memory or if your constantly making which i wasnt because i ran a full service shop as well, it is essential to have a builders reference though perhaps there are better ones to be found out there, im not sure. Pretty important to me regardless. Thanks!
  5. I just found the Francois Denis on his site and he is selling the book for what is equivalent to $250 USA dollars. Shipping to USA along with customs tax is probably around $50? I will sell my copy complete with posters and ruler for $200 including shipping to continental USA excluding Alaska. Excellent condition. That should save you about $100. Happy to send pics to whoever is interested.
  6. wow first they went for “like a hundred bucks on ebay” and now you got yours for $40..? Yeah i guess you were very lucky or...something. I paid $275 for my new copy in 2001. The one i am selling is another copy i happen to have and like most of the other books i am selling, its in pristine condition. And again, if they are readily available at a certain price please show me proof of that and ill be happy to adjust my price. Considering the current rarity, inflation and the excellent condition of this book I think the adjusted price of $350 is quite fair.
  7. If you would have read my post, you would notice a ? by the price, which means I did not have anything to go by and I was guessing based on its rarity these days. At least I couldn’t find it. I couldn’t find any comps on eBay or Amazon either. It’s hard to find and unavailable. I’ll adjust the price to $350. It is in like new condition.
  8. Hello, this is John Hill, a maker from Southern Oregon. I have these books for sale. Most in excellent condition unless noted otherwise. These are priced below what I could find as comps. Price plus shipping. Im open to fair offers if you feel my price is too high. If you order multiple books i will pay for shipping if over $500 - USA only. Thanks! 541-621-7091 Pollens Stradivarius Violin Forms: $850 ...?? Open to offers.. couldn't find any comps! Antonio Stradivari: The Cremona Exhibition of 1987: $350 How Many Strads: $65 Italian Violin Making Carl Jalovec: excellent $75 Universal Dictionary of Violin and Bow Makers: $350 excellent Classic Lines of Violin Making by Carlo Vettori: $200 good Italienische Violinen .... by John Huber $85 exc
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