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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284150330315 Saw this listing on eBay. Definitely not a Pierray, but the craftsmanship seems ok. The center bouts seem very short as compared to most violins? Posting for educational purposes, what could this be? Is it even French?
  2. Thanks Jacob, that's very comprehensive!
  3. Saw this fairly decent-looking violin on Bromptons... I wonder if this is something like a better quality JTL? If not, what could it be? Waiting to be educated https://www.bromptons.co/auction/1st-11th-december-2020/lots/64-a-good-violin-possibly-french-circa-1870.html
  4. It's old but I wouldn't trust anything on that label. Look at those pixels!
  5. Well can't complain on that....if that is indeed the way their business operates... What about those that they claim for sure? Would that be more or less the same story? i.e. if they list a violin as "an Italian violin", and that violin happens to be totally unlabeled/unbranded, I suppose the only thing they (like the rest of us) can do is look at it and saying "Hmm it looks Italian", and go ahead and list as an Italian instrument?
  6. Bump. I want to ask the same question, but I'll post my wild guess before the experts kick in. For anything anonymous, whey would look at the style, craftsmanship, varnish, etc. If a good amount of these traits match Italian, or would be "good enough" or "close enough" to be an Italian, they would list it as Italian (because why not?). Whenever they do that, they should be pretty sure that there is No way to Confirm the violin's true identity, whether Italian or not. Sorry for pinning @martin swan out of nowhere, but mind sharing your insight on this? I have read through your "Violin Auctions: A Beginner’s Guide" on your website, and find it truly inspirational and helpful.
  7. In my interest, why in the world would I? But if later the violin I purchased is confirmed to be Chinese instead of the catalogued Italian, why in the world wouldn't I ?
  8. Thanks Alex! I think you are quite right on this. Though this is not my problem, but I suppose if I can get a consensus on a few well-respected makers proving that it is "not Italian", Brompton's or Tarisio or those auction houses that made that claim should probably reconsider its origin .
  9. Yea. Just when through their other listings. Things are getting quite wild....
  10. I thought I might as well post this here while the topic is still hot. To be clear I have absolutely no intention on bidding on this violin (that HUGE back post crack is endgame for me). This is what got me into doubting how accurate Brompton's attribution to the region of origin is, as discussed above. The back looks fine, but the front is giving me some Dutch implications, or something else pretending to be Italian (though I am not an expert in this). The F holes look somewhat of a crude quality? (I understand that many late 18th century Italian instruments are of a relatively rougher quality). If it is indeed Italian, Is this F hole associated to any particular school? Any opinions or thoughts? Lot 341 - An Interesting Italian Violin, second half of the eighteenth century - 1st - 11th December 2020 Auction - Brompton's Auctioneers
  11. "An Interesting NOT Fine Photo, possibly by Brompton's, circa 2020"
  12. I totally agree. A Strad and a Markie would look more or less the same on their photos.
  13. To me it looks more or less Dutch / Bohemian. I just thought it would be fun to post it here . Though I am not sure if that is a fake scroll graft. Looks to me the grains don't match.
  14. I have emailed Brompton's already. Though the greater part of this post is to learn from the experience of the community, but not solely learning about what Brompton's has to offer specifically. I am hoping to find people with more auction experiences to share their insights on these auction languages, or even the vision behind these auction houses. Duane and Jacob has put together a great response, Kudos to them . Though I do see where you are going for.
  15. Thanks to both Duane and Jacob. I think I now have a much better understanding of the general auction titling and terming now