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  1. No one? Seriously? Are hopfs not welcome here or?
  2. Looking to see if anyone might have some info on this. I'm familiar with the stamp under the tab but haven't seen it inside like this before. I'm also assuming it's before 1891 since there isn't a made in etc. Anyone whos familiar with these that can give an approx year of make and or maker, I aporeciate it.
  3. Hi guys, New to the forum, ran across this cheapy not long ago and decided to crack it open and see what is made of. Somethings a little different, used an external form, corner blocks are fake and attached to the outside of the instrument, no headblock, it's carved into the neck and the tail block is external also to round out the shape. The plates still show all the tool marks but it's graduated fairly decent at 2.5 on both lungs and 3.5 center both top and bottom, just really really no attempt to smooth out tool marks. Spruce top, maple back, sides and neck look to be maple but nothing fancy. Since I'm a bit new. Could anyone expand on this construction and design? Time period, place of origin etc etc. Believe it or not it does play and does sound decent. The only mark I can find is the number 47 on the back plate tang. Got the violin case and bow for $50 bucks so I'm just learning and playing around and figured I wouldn't get hurt at that amount.