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  1. So, I can typically tell a good violin when I see one, this definitely isn’t the best haha. I am, however, trying to get a violin fairly soon for a friend (as a birthday gift), and have been having quite a hard time finding stuff within my price range. They are no pro so getting the best of the best isnt really in my concern. All of that aside, does this look too, too horribly awful? It would be under 200$. Pretty sure it’s a Czechoslovakian Strad copy from mid to early 1900’s. Thanks ! And merry Christmas!
  2. Cade

    Weichold bows

    Hey all, hope you are well, Just a simple question tonight, I have seen a lot of bows stamped simply with “Weichold”, rather than “Weichold Dresden”, or “R. Weichold Dresden”. I was wondering if these too, were Weichold bows, or rather, copies. Of course deep within eBay I’m sure there’s contemporary fakes, but would a bow simply stamped “Weichold” be inauthentic? Thanks !
  3. Cade

    Class of Bow

    Thanks! And no I'm not sure, thats what it is listed as, however.
  4. Cade

    Class of Bow

    hahahaa *shhhhhh*
  5. Cade

    Class of Bow

    Hey all, I was trying to find out what class of bow this is (student, intermediate, master [This one is not a master]). It’s a Sivori but it’s wire wrapping appears to be copper (maybe rose gold? But I doubt), which is something I haven’t seen on one if there bows. The bow is made from pernambuco. Thank you all very much, hope you all are well!!
  6. Hey all, so this bow has quite the significant crack. I was wondering if it is worth repairing. If fixed, will it ever work/sound the same? Will this sort of crack cost a lot to repair? Thank you all, hope you are well.
  7. Alright! Will try! Thanks so much for the help!
  8. Yeah that was my original thought, i guess mildew may have grown from that (insert throw up emoji)
  9. Hey all, hope you are all well I have a violin from around 1919 that I just purchased and am soon going to be giving to my luthier for restoration. There is a sort of muck on top of the varnish toward the middle of the violin, it smells like mildew, so I assume it is mildew lol. I was wondering if this is the sort of thing a Luthier could fix, and if so, would it be very expensive? Is there any reasonable cleaning method I could do myself (I am no luthier), or is this a matter too delicate to deal with on my own? The slits in the violin are not to worry, they are actually purposeful (it is a TIM violin, he endeavored to reproduce the sound of older violins through reshaping the wood by adding superficial slits to change the woods structure). In spite of the sort of strange slit method, the violins are supposed to have very nice tones. Anyways, Thank you all very much for the help, hope you are all well!
  10. What did you find ? If you don't mind me asking.
  11. Hey all, this is that violin I just posted about. There is just something about its tone that captivates me, I know it is not the most powerful, yet its sound is super clear, full, and pretty IMO. I had a deal with the seller, however, the shipping price he listed was 65$ yet he said the USPS was down so it would be 140$. I wasn't sure about this & I was busy for one day, and after I took a day to decide, he cancelled the transaction ( :/// ) and re-listed it for about 300$ more :| . ALL TO SAY, lol, does anyone know any sorts of violins that have a tone similar to this? This one was labeled Aegidius Kloz but it definitely is not authentic. Thank you all very much, hope everyone is safe and healthy!
  12. Thanks so much! This helped a lot
  13. Hi all, I found this violin with the primo contavalli inscription. The CP inscribed on it looks much more branded/clean than other examples I've seen. I feel like it isn't legit. Wanted to see what you all thought, Thanks!
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