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  1. It is not worth fixing, like REALLY NOT! Somebody got really angry... Who does this?? How does such a thing happen? I wish the biggest tragedies in the world would be this... With all that's going on.. Looks like the world has gone haywire like this violin
  2. Actually unless I was lucky.. The yitamusic looks beautiful, has lovely fittings and the pegs fit perfectly, effortless tuning. The bridge is just the right hight and shape, fits the violin. Sounds amazing for the money that I pay.. The old violins, from all the ones that I buy, there are only a few that I keep, that would be good enough to rent. It is a process... The others I sold I want my students to have the option...
  3. My students tend to get cheap new factory violins, not well set up. Mainly because the only thing they keep in mind is : if I don't keep up learning the violin in 3 months I would not have spent too much money. I strongly advise to get a better violin, properly set up to make the violin learning process.. So just thought I would rent out cheaper but nice warm antique violins. But I can't spend too much because they might Butcher them. Also the yitamusic violins I will rent out, these are just great
  4. .Why fake? Because it was spelt kloz? Well, I have a Dutzendarbeit that you called cheap, but I just love playing it. So I hope this one does that too. I have a plan with all those violins.. Rent them to my students..
  5. Uuhh no.. I rather have the treasures fall in my lap. Ideal life? There are finer things in life... Ah well! It is good to dream once in a while...
  6. Yes fine violin.. But if you don't have the big bucks,.. I revamped old violins, and got really nice looking and pretty decent violins..
  7. But what do you think of the second violin? That one I bought
  8. Have you not checked the value of the original violins. You could tell this was real, the label looked too real. Unless it looked too real. Not just the label but the whole violin
  9. Hi, the forum was blocked for a good few hours... Anyhow the George Kloz was sold for £470.. People were after it like hot cake!! I bought the other nameless violin that looked like my Mittenwald Do you know anything about this one, is it Marky? Pinched bouts? The scroll not being finished with the nice edges, or is it?
  10. I what on the George Kloz? Why do you think so?
  11. I didn't bother with it, as you say.. I am new to this. Guys, this one I did buy.. It reminded me of the Mittenwald I sold a few months ago. I like the look of this violin, well for starters this violin is in one piece! The bouts are pinched, and the scroll.. Does that mean that it is a Markneukirchen? 1900? Do you think the purfling is real? The varnish looks original Thanks, Rachel
  12. Could it not be one of "Song" violins?
  13. I've never went to the trouble of buying such a battered violin. The label looks really old and merged into the wood, it doesn't look only 1850. Do you think the varnish was reapplied?
  14. Would you buy such a violin? Would it be worth anything? Unrestored or restored? Thanks, Rachel
  15. I need to be able to understand it.. I don't understand all of it.. You need to know quite a bit to be able to use the list..