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  1. Thanks for sharing! Breathtakingly beautiful..
  2. I asked Dr Google not just any person
  3. The stewmac, used, has been reduced to £115 + delivery.. I am buying tools slowly for building my first violin. Can you please tell me what you didn't like about it?
  4. Hi, I am about to buy a bending iron. What is your opinion about this one? https://www.stewmac.com/luthier-tools-and-supplies/tools-by-job/tools-for-bending-sides/bending-iron.html Thanks, Rachel
  5. Whatever Jacob, I am getting really tired of this. Can you please keep these comments to yourself? You don't actually need to step into school to know to pick up a phone and ask for advice. I really enjoy coming on this forum but comments like these, and inappropriate comments are really ruining it for me and others. Noone is interested. I really don't understand how educated people with years of experience of this kind of highly skilled work can behave this silly. I come here to learn, I might write something that you don't agree with. Please, by all means, correct me, respectfully.
  6. I think you should contact the school, tell them of your experience and see what they advise, what they have to offer.. What the syllabus is.. I personally think you know a whole lot of it, 3 years will be a waste of time. Try getting into the last year by doing an exam to show your skills. Talk to expert luthiers, show them your violins, get their feedback, it will be most valuable and practical way to learn and perfect your craft.
  7. I am 35 now, I look young. I had kids when I was young, happily married for 14 years..
  8. Do you need to be pretty good to get into Cremona?
  9. He can contact the school, send resume and photos or a video clip of his violins. For what reason should he be wasting time in first years? 5 violins, man, I can't get my head round it!
  10. True, he should definitely go ahead and give it his best shot. He is of the minority, so young and so much experience.. Not the traditional way. It is exciting, I think people will like that.
  11. But the there was one... He might be that one...
  12. Wow, congratulations. Being 20 years of age, you have accomplished a whole lot! Continue the apprenticeship full time, and do more violin making. Maybe after lock down talk to shops in the city. Show your violins, that will make the biggest impression. Make a resume. I doubt you won't get hired. With programmers and graphic designers it goes very much by portfolio. Your experience is worth a lot more. People fresh out of college don't have the experience that you have..
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