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  1. Thanks for the welcome and the ID help, Violadamore! I hadn’t yet found a good resource/post on differentiating the Markneukirchen / Klingenthal / Luby trades. There are some really good contributors here, I’ve learned a lot about construction and history in the last few days, great stuff, thanks all. Pshaw, Dustbin... It beckoned me from the interwebs. It really sounds good, but, you should see this thing when the sun catches the sparkly bits just right, simply brilliant. Fairly sure the enchanted lion head has warded something bad off already, too, probably. Are you sure
  2. Mittenwald (but the varnish & blocking) ? Mirecourt varnish & blocking look (to my uneducated eye), but the Saxony lion head? Markneukirchen / Klingenthal / Luby?
  3. Thank you, this was helpful.
  4. Hi, I recently found this fiddle and am in need of identification assistance.. It came into my life all funky. I did not bedazzle it. After reading here for 3 days, I’ve learned a lot, but not enough to tell what I’m holding. The label looks super nice, saddle is marked an=25 Czech. Can’t see additional markings other than label (even with endpin out) Any Identification assistance would be greatly appreciated. I love it whatever it is, hope someone enjoys the pics, thanks! Violin dimensions (these are edge to edge) Length - 23.5 in - 59.69 cm Body lengt