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  1. Hello everybody, I apologize for “starting” the topic and then disappearing altogether. However, I did want to update those individuals who might consider recording themselves and forum members in general. I took some time to do more in-depth research and actually re-read all the comments that were made initially. I listened to several YouTube videos analysing different setups for the stringed instruments. I did change the setup and my Dad is extremely happy with the sound that I am recording. There is a bit more work involved HOWEVER as long as he is happy,
  2. Sorry about the link. I updated the link. Hopefully it works now. By the way, thank you for all the feedback.
  3. I would really appreciate some input from the forum members. My Dad is 89 and I decided to undertake a small project of recording very short pieces that he plays. Obviously, this is NOT a professional studio. This is a home setting. After doing some research I came across multiple recommendations for the RODE VideoMic Pro+ Compact Directional On-Camera Shotgun Condenser Microphone. So, this is the microphone being used in these recordings. However, after playing the recorded pieces for my Dad he tells me that he does not like the sound that much. Here is an example:
  4. I really appreciate the responses. I will correct my mistake, I will take proper pictures as per the instructions and will upload them later on today. Thank you again. At some point I thought NOBODY would respond.
  5. Good day everybody, I would appreciate ANY help possible since my initial research have not yielded any leads. I am stuck as to the best possible research tools for my mini project. This is a strange but true story. I will make it short so as not to waste anybody’s time. My Dad purchased this violin in the 1960’s in Moscow, USSR. In order to take it out of the country he had to get rid of the label so as to make sure it looks like a factory-made violin. Over the years he forgot what the label said and the original price paid. The only thing that he does repe
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