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  1. Oh ok. I think we're going to keep the whole thing anyway
  2. How much do you think it would be worth when fixed?
  3. Oh ok thanks, yeah we've been told that the violin isn't worth fixing, we were just wondering what country it came from and how old it was and thought we could just get a sound post, nut and strings and just use it as it is. It was lent to someone in around the 1950s or 1960s and came back in this condition with bora in it. The case was got later.
  4. Also does anyone know about the bow? It has Bausch written on the side. Would it be worth fixing?
  5. Hi I have my grandfathers violin here which his grandfather bought secondhand around 1890. Does anyone know the aprox age or country? It has painted purfling and no corner blocks. The sound post and nut are missing, I think the nut was ivory. Thanks
  6. I only paid $150 NZD for it and it will probably cost that much or more to repair it, we took another cello in to get the backboard re glued an it cost just over $100 and with the other things that need doing to my one it might cost quite a bit more. I will get the necessary things fixed (since I cant afford a new cello) but I don't want to spend more than what its worth.
  7. It says Waikowhai Intermediate it's a school in South Auckland, New Zealand. Its Māori, wai means water and Kowhai is a kind of tree. Dont know what the extra I is for... And yes the ball is about to go into the hoop :-D
  8. Hi I have this cello I bought in 2013 for $150NZD. I think the strings are a bit too high, 8mm on the A string and 10mm on the C string, and I was thinking of getting the bridge made a bit lower, also because the bridge doesn't seem to fit the cello properly. but then I noticed the back is starting to come off and will need fixing. Does anyone know what kind of cello it is and if it would worth fixing? I know it's a cheap one, the fingerboard isn't ebony but the purfling is real. Thanks!
  9. Ive just uploaded a few more photos because I just saw the How to photograph an instrument for identifcation purposes post that I didn't see before. I've also taken a couple of photos of the bow since people were wondering about it.
  10. What do you guys think of the bridge? Its bending towards the fingerboard even though the bridge feet are flat on the violin, do you think it needs changing and would it be worth it?
  11. Thanks for all the replies :-) Is there any other details I should take photos of to make it easier to identify?
  12. It didn't have a bow so one was just taken from another violin. Its made in Japan.
  13. Someone has just told me: "it is a typical German factory violin of the saxon school." Does anyone know about these? Do you still think its early 1900s? Thanks
  14. Thanks all for the information :-) It sounds fine to me but I have only played two full size violins but it does need new strings since two of the stings haven't been changed since 2013 and the other two much longer, and they are not sounding as good. Two other people have just told me its probably Markneukirchen and one said its from the early 1900s. What are the usual suspects and where could I find any old wholesaler's catalogs? Sorry I dont know much about violin makers.
  15. Hi, I have a full size violin that was bought from Belmont Music Centre in 2013 for $20NZD and I was wondering if anyone knows anything about it, like age or country or anything. It has a pattern carved in the scroll, and has an ebony fingerboard. It has no label inside. The case is made in W-Germany so I'm guessing it would be 1950s-1980s (assuming the case was the original for the violin), the music centre we bought it from got it second hand in the early 1990s. Thanks!