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  1. Thanks! I may just have to try this “improvement” out and see what happens. I suspect it is either supposed to amplify or dampen the sound (the box is open on the side facing the neck), though the shape is also rather like an old-fashioned mouse trap...
  2. I just purchased a violin that, upon inspection, has a box-like structure built inside that extends from the bottom block almost to the soundpost (currently missing). It has writing on the side indicating that it was patented, and that it was invented (or inserted?) by E J Albert. I would love any information on the purpose of the structure. The first two pictures were taken from an open seam on the lower bout, and the third through the f-hole on the soundpost side. The only label in the violin states ‘Copie de Stradivarius, Made in Germany’. Thanks!
  3. Thanks! Curious to know what you are seeing that leans towards a German origin? Only thing I have been able to deduce on my own is that it is * likely * to be pre-1850 based on the neck graft.
  4. Looking for help with identification of this violin. The label has been partially destroyed. Thanks so much! If anyone has any thoughts on what is up with the blackened front, which seems a bit much to just be from rosin, I would love to find out more as well. Best, David P.S. - sorry for the scrambled order of photos
  5. Thanks so much for the info! I was completely at a loss. A few follow-up questions. 1) It sounds like I shouldn't take it apart -- I definitely need to re-glue some of the seams. Is it best to do that as 'in-place' as possible? 2) The soundpost hasn't caused a crack, but it has deformed the top plate substantially (the area over the soundpost is much higher than the opposite side) -- should I remove it and replace with a shorter post or leave well-enough alone? 3) Any recommendations on the type of strings that would be best on the instrument? (it sounds like its best use is as a fiddle)
  6. I would really love some ideas on this, as everything about it appears to be anachronistic -- bizarre ribs, notch instead of an endpin, single-piece bridge/chinrest, and what in the world is the joint on the neck?
  7. I have a very strange old violin. I haven't seen anything else quite like it, and I would love any information that would give any idea of age/origin, etc. There doesn't appear to be any label or other markings inside the violin. Many thanks in advance! David