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  1. Yes, the plug is missing...
  2. Thank you Duane88. Actually I am worried that after I make an appointment and drop off the bow, they would tell me that the cost is way more than $100.....unfortunately all the missing parts are lost, otherwise I would want a quick fix. Based on the picture, can you get an idea of how much this bow might be worth? Is it a pernambuco stick? Thanks.
  3. Looking for advice on whether to fix my daughter’s 3/4 violin bow. It came with a Kohr K550 3/4 violin outfit and I am not the original owner, so I am not sure about the value or history. The white piece at the tip broke and came off, and the broke piece is gone. Her violin teacher took one quick look and said it is not worth fixing, but after a closer look, I think the bow is made from pernambuco, and it is still very straight and appears to be in good shape. I called a local music shop and was told I have to change the hair, so the cost will be >$65. Is it worthwhile to get it fixed? My daughter has another cheap carbon fiber bow to use right now, and she is likely to move onto 4/4 in 6 months. Thank you for your advise.