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  1. Thanks! I managed to get my mum to help me while I held it. But you're right though, I'll get some peg dope anyway in case I need to tune it again. Thanks for the advice! It'll help me a lot next time. Haha! It looks so cosy there! X'D
  2. Btw, I need to tune the A string but I'm so scared of turning the peg! The fine tuners aren't enough and the peg is very hard to turn. Any advice?
  3. Thanks! Hehe, I am not looking forward to the flea bath lol Thanks! Let's hope I can get good enough xD I'll probably post it on these forums when I make it one day Yes, but she leaves the room whenever I play it.... :/ Thanks guys
  4. @Fossil Ledges @TimRobinson @Rue @PhilipKT Ok! Sorry for the long wait, I haven't been feeling well lately and only just remembered to update ya'll :'| I took more pictures this time so you could see for yourself the nice colour on the back! So, the luthier gave it back to me last Saturday and fixed a crack he found near the f-hole free of charge and cleaned the cello up a bit! It sounds amazing! And so stronh! But my left hand isn't yet strong enough to keep the strings down consistently without scratching. As for vibrato, I'm not going to dive into
  5. Ok, I just took it to my luthier and he said both the strings on the cello and the bow hair don't need replacement at the moment and said that they're in surprisingly good shape (must have been replaced recently)! Plus, he recognised the endpin and said he knows it' good quality becuase he made it! Who'd have thought? It must be an old one, because he said the shape of the fingerboard is made for gut strings and the reason my soundpost has fallen out is due to the shape of the bridge and fingerboard being ill aligned. He was rly nice and was so excited to show me around his worksho
  6. Oh! I will! I'm going to book an appointment for today (hopefully!) And will tell you guys the outcome later! It's getting harder to get around these days, they tell shops not to close (I think it's so they dont have to give the compensation) but then tell us we're not allowed to visit them because they're not essential??? Someone isn't thinking properly... I want to support local businesses and you're telling me I can only go to the big corp stores? So, I hope they take this as essential school stuff (it is) and pass me over. I live on a main road and hear the police giving their little
  7. The purfling is definitely not painted and seems to tick all the boxes of real purfling. The bow probably needs a re-hair, it's a little old but it still looks like it may have been re-haired a little more recently. IDK man, I've spent some time researching the violin and cello themselves, but not the bow. I don't know why, I just never thought about it too much. It came for free included so I guess it's OK for the moment? ¯\_( º_º )_/¯ Beggars can't always be choosers. But I might get it re-haired, I'll get the luthier to look it over for an opinion. Haha XD If you mea
  8. I know right? Even if it's just for learning until I can afford something else!
  9. My mum has a friend who was a professional cellist and played for cruise ships, maybe I should ask him for advice on luthiers in our area. I will be getting all the books I need
  10. Lol Yeah, but it'd feel like sacrilege to ruin an instrument, even if I got it for $20 lol Plus, I could probably sell it off for much more than that and if it broke I'd have to scrounge around for money for a new one, so.... I mean, I just convinced my mum it was fine to bring another member into the family, this thing is huge! Anyway, about the cello; I've checked for any identification as to who the manufacturer is, but found nothing but what appears to be "MD9" written on the back. I assume this is just the luthier marking the wood pieces for future reference. It's probably
  11. Thanks! I did ask one of the best rated luthiers in my city and he gave me instructions on how I could do it myself and said it woild be fine if I was very careful. Should I?
  12. Actually, scratch that. I just got a second hand vintage for 20 bucks lol It's in a pretty solid shape, but the sound post has fallen. Any idea how I can get it out myself? Otherwise, I might get my uncle (who's good with tools) and my grandad (once a violinist himself) to help me.
  13. Hey, guys! Anyone have any information on a Dolfin 910 Cello? This is my first time here so I hope I didn't make any mistakes with this forum. Don't hate me o-o I'm new to Cello (though I have played the violin for years) and are looking to get one before everything gets worse with all these recent lockdown and more shops are closed as being "non-essential" (except puzzles are for some reason and I'm actually getting this for learning and career reasons, so...). I want something that I will keep for years without a need to replace it, something that would be decent enough for an