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  1. Apologies if i have offended you in any way, i did not intend to, but it does seem that there are different opinions on this violin, i know that you are of the opinion that it is saxon, which is fair, but there has also been talk of let in linings and mittenwald charactaristics or talk of some of the parts of the violin being altered. Thank you very much everyone for the great help with the identification of this violin.
  2. It's defenently a tricky one, insomuch as it has mixed aspects of both saxon/bohemian and south germanic,
  3. Mabey this is a comparable example, not so much the varnish but the ffs and linings seem simillar, or what?
  4. There must be some saxon or bohemian violin on the books that resempbes mine, right?
  5. I guess saxon will be the conclusion, but it is a bit strange that i cant find any other saxon exampels that look like my violin, could someone see if they could find anything saxon that looks like my violin?
  6. Do you really think the varnish has been altered it looks like it is the OG. I think so,
  7. Yes but i have not been abel to finde one klingenthal or markneukirchen violin that looks simmilar to mine after about an hour and a half of resherch.
  8. Have y'all ever seen any other violins with known makers that have similare charactaristics to my violin, i have looked on the books and it seems that klingenthal and markneukirchen violins look quite different to mine. Any examples of violins that look like mine would help very much, but thanks for the help that y'all have already given.
  9. I know that you guys think it is saxon, but is there a more spesific place we could look at, like in saxony?
  10. Thank you for info on the labels - what is the consensus concerning my violin and its place of making?
  11. But do you guys think my violin looks like the example?
  12. Hello again everyone, i have looked more into the saxon/bohemian option on this violin, and wanted to know what you thought about this example below, as compare to my violin, does the saxon/bohemian fit better that the tyrolean? Thanks for all the help.
  13. Well... It looks like the ribs might be let in but, that is something that i can neiterher confirm nor deny, right now. As to the cornerblocks, it seems that they are longer on the sides that point away fromt the c-bouts, quite a bit longer on the away pointing side, so i know that that does not speak for it being french but rather south germanic-austrian. What do folks think? I have gone through the entire thread agin just to re-examine. Scroll My violin has fluting that goes all the way to the back of the throat like the south germanic. And i am not sure what a pronounced back of the head is but i think my violin has it. Rib construction The rib corner joint on my violins is made on the inward facing edge, like the south germanic violins, as oposed to the Klingenthal violins where the joint is in the midle. The bottom rib is not in one piece. The linings and corners are pine. But the corners on my violin are sharp like the Klingenthal. My violins corner blocks cover about twice as much upper/lower rib as c bout rib, like the SOuth germanic, the linings are morticed by the way. The purfling corners on my violin point up and down like the mittenwald - austria, where as the Kligenthal many times will point horizontally outwards. Plates The bass bar and neck graft has been replaced in 1983 by the Copenhagen violin builder Karl Heinel, i have the recipt for this repair. So i would guess that id did not have an integral bass bar, but they could have carved out the origional integral bass bar, but i dont know. The thicness of the middle of the top plate mesures 3.2 milimitters, so i guess that is thicc. The purfling on my violin is 2/3s of the plate deep, (visible at a semi-broken corner) the purfling is dyed all the way through. Allthogether i think it is more south german or austiran or something like that, but then again pleas dot grill me at too high a tempature, if i am wrong. thanks for the help
  14. I have gone through the said thread, to figure out about the construction. It seems that it does not fit either of them 100%. Once i took the violin to a local expert who said that it could be french and that he would atriute it to Lui Guersan, i bluntly dissmised him because i had my eyes on it being germanic. What do you guys think, pls dont grill me too much, if im wrong.
  15. Why not? It look almost perfect match. What is reason?
  16. I did thinked that my violin looked much like J G THir violin.
  17. Who made this violin? It has a stainer label but it looks like a good copy.
  18. I agree with you guys it does not look much like a S. Klotz, and the document is not useful that is why i am not going to buy this violin.
  19. Hi everyone, i was curious about what this violin would be worth. Its a Sebastian Klotz from 1733. i have atached a document with all the deminsions and photos of the violin. Sebastian Klotz 1733.pdf
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