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  1. I would have thought there's enough people in the know that profit margins have to be fairly consistent no? But then we're talking about violins aren't we. And it's all smoke and mirrors as far as I can gather. There seems to be a very small number of people "in the know" and that same group of people go to some lengths to keep it that way. I'm enjoying visiting different shops and playing lots of different instruments though.
  2. Just general increase in value. I have no clue what markup dealers put on them but I'd assume that would be fairly consistent. If they were putting 50% on them 30 years ago I'd assume they're doing about the same now, ish? I was just wondering if violins that generally went for a few hundred quid 25 years ago are now typically selling for a few thousand. Really just out of interest.
  3. I was looking at an English violin at a dealers with a price tag of £4000. I found details of a very similar instrument online, same maker same year, possibly even the very same one, who knows, but sold at auction in London in 1997 with an estimate of £300-400 and sold for £260 apparently. Just interested. Thanks.
  4. Mate, seriously, grow up. I've driven a good few hours to look at violins at this particular shop. I was really looking forward to it and did enjoy playing lots of different instruments while I was there. I took one home on trial but then had some questions about it, so I came here to get some expert opinion. Just because I've said things you don't like doesn't mean I'm a "troll". Look back through my posts, I've been in the market for a new instrument for months.
  5. You're absolutely correct. But anyone who has driven a car for long enough will know when something doesn't feel right. And if you take it to enough garages you'll get a whiff of when someone is being economical with the truth.
  6. I've played the fiddle for most of my 40 odd years. My father played it before me. I'm hardly "new". But you're absolutely right, it's very difficult to tell the difference between one con man and another when they all look very similar.
  7. Absolute jokes. It's a public forum. Yet some of you clearly think it's your "domain" and your comment just demonstrates the prevailing attitude. What happened was somebody came along and asked a genuine question in good faith. One of the very first comments was "this just shows your inexperience..." And then you all spent a week masturbating each other over your collective "wisdom". It's embarrassing.
  8. You're absolutely correct and it is going back. Thanks for all your help, showing me that I am indeed a clueless idiot who shouldn't ask questions and fully deserves to be belittled. There are several UK dealers that have popped up here with snide comments and made absolutely damn sure that I'll never consider buying anything from them in the future. Martin Swan. Some representative of Ayres violins in Manchester, etc. There are a number of other helpful people who have messaged me privately to say ignore the snobs and the clique, and given me details of dealers who might be a little more accomodating. They're the ones I'll be visiting in the next few weeks.
  9. You've got the wrong end of the stick. I don't think the dealer selling the violin cut it down himself, I think maybe it was done sometime in the past and he's just not mentioning it. For what it's worth, some of you are doing a marvellous job of living up to everything we would expect from those in the second hand instrument business, looking down your noses with your snide comments and belittling attitude.
  10. It shouldn't matter really should it. If I was looking at buying a violin and it sounded great and the dealer was up front and told me this used to be a viola but it's been cut down, maybe I wouldn't have a problem as long as it does what I want. My issue as a buyer is I'm not convinced I'm getting what I'm paying for. The dealer is saying yeh this is a nice German violin from about 1850, very reasonably priced... But then if I part with my money, insure it as an 1850 German violin worth x pounds, and then 5 years later another dealer says no, that's not what it is at all, it's a butchered viola... That's the problem.
  11. So you'll buy this 'violin' from me then? It's German, c. 1850. Two thousand pounds to you my friend. Never mind the fact that all the dimensions are weird.
  12. Absolutely. I have no problem at all with honest people making an honest living. Or even people who just have an interest in collecting, buying and selling nice instruments. But you can't deny this business is fraught with dubious practices. I'm sure some of these dealers rely on people like me, who enjoy playing the violin and maybe have a few quid to buy a nice one, but really we don't know what we're talking about when it comes to identifying them. In fact we rely on the dealer being straight with us. I've honestly seen the type of attitude here that I'm talking about. Rather than realising that somebody has gone into a shop and feels a bit uncertain that they might be being sold something that isn't quite what it's supposed to be, what we have is people looking down their noses saying "what would you know, you're inexperienced", or "you don't even know the difference between a violin and a viola..." Which is a fair comment, that's why I was asking. Rather than just taking this one dealer's word for it and parting with a few grand.
  13. I can take some more measurements and post some pictures if you like, just out of interest. I've still got it for a while before I'll be taking it back to the shop. Shame really, I really liked it initially. Now it seems a little bit unloved. I suspect it's always had that problem, like a petite personality trapped in a big girl's body. Often played with but always put back on the shelf. Or is it big personality squashed into a tight fitting corset? Fun at the time but a little bit disappointing once you get it home. I know what I mean anyway...
  14. Yeh, perhaps one day. Truth be known, what I liked about this 'violin' initially, the fact it had so much more presence than the other I was comparing it to, now that's exactly what I don't like about it after playing it for a few days. It's too bright and too loud, bordering on shrill on the A and E string. Perhaps I was attracted to it because my other fiddles are quite dark so it was a novelty. But no, I don't think this one is for me. I'll keep looking.
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