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  1. Thanks fellas, lots of response which I've decided to contribute to the fact that my little guy is a soul-stirring treat! Being the judgemental prick that I am and seeing Soviet and 70's tied together I imagined that this particular instrument is not necessarily meant to set new (high) standards. To me it seems like there was atleast some care put into making it tho' .. The sound is, in my opinion, somewhat nasal maybe falling in-between bright and warm, perhaps a little apologetic These strings definetely needs replacing tho', that'll likely change things. Is there anything particularly wrong with the bridge other than being slanted? I tried to straighten it but the strings have bumps worked into them from sitting so long that it just wanted go back to that position.
  2. Hello, I know next to nothing about the violin in general so perhaps that's behind some of the ignorance regarding this post, but I have been fascinated by it's sound and aura for quite some time, so now, after sitting in it's case for say 30 years, I opened it up and will pursue to become.. well decent! I am merely curious what this thing is.. I'll include the label; the date is suspicious, surely "touched up", but if "Made in USSR" is true then it would be fun to have the name of a potential maker if possible? Whatever it is, it strikes me as a former "work horse". Perhaps you'll tell me that I'd have a hard time giving this away but if there is any value to this instrument I'd want to know, that said, for what it's worth coming from someone who has never held or heard a violin up close, it seems well balanced and resonates, to me, surprisingly well and I do enjoy playing it so it won't be going anywhere. The upper half of the chinrest is glued and about to fall off, so I'll peel that off and see if it suits me better, but I decided to leave it in case it holds any clues.
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