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  1. I'm interested in this violin, but I can't seem to find much about this maker on the internet... it is selling for 70k euros. Can anyone advise me if this is a reasonable price?
  2. It's hard for me to take a clear photo of that area behind the head unfortunately. It does look like there just are a lot of scratches in there, but also potentially dodgy... I'll probably stay away. Thanks guys
  3. I'm trying out this Morizot Pere bow at the moment. These chips on both sides look rather unattractive... how much do they affect value? Also, could these chips be a sign that the head has had some previous trauma and is perhaps more susceptible to damage now? There are 2 other Morizots at the shop for the same price.
  4. When a bow has a bone frog/tip/button, which animal does this bone typically come from?
  5. Wow thank you so much for the video suggestion, will help a lot!
  6. I am beginning to make my own bow, just as a hobby project. I see that there are many options for eyelets and screws... what is best and why? I see options for brass/bronze eyelet, and cut/rolled thread. Bronze eyelet and rolled thread look more expensive... I am on this website: https://www.dictum.com/en/bow-screw-eyelets-jgh Thanks!
  7. I heard from a colleague that almost all Tubbs bows were originally with made with whalebone lapping, and that silver is probably not original... Is this true?
  8. I remember seeing this exact bow at a Tarisio auction in 2018 and trying to bid for it. It was one of the most incredible Tubbs bows I've ever played, but alas it went way over the estimate of course because it was such a treat to play. Oh I wish it would come back on the market!
  9. Ok thanks for that. Do knots have any impact on the value? I suppose the maker liked the resonance of the wood enough to use it for a stick despite the knot?
  10. I've always seen this mark on my bow, but wondering now if it has a name, like perhaps grain flaw or something? It's not a crack and everything looks very stable...
  11. Ok thanks, good to know. So cracks like these mean that the bow is literally unplayable? Sounds worse than any other kind of damage to a bow..?
  12. Sorry the above photo doesn't show a lot... but in any case what would you estimate the drop in value for a serious crack like this (but not a clean break) is?
  13. The condition report states that there is a repaired crack behind the head. The repair seems to be very visible, does it look stable? Also, I have read that a break in the stick generally mean a loss of 75-90%. How much of a loss would a major crack like this be? Thanks!
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