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  1. I always get irritated by those terms such as “fine” “good” “interesting” “important” or even “property of a lady” I think they are really unnecessary as the descriptive terms of the lots Glad to see Tarisio has abandoned this in the recent auctions
  2. It makes more sense to me - made by Knopf but stamped/sold by Kittel the estimate is a bit ridiculous one can buy a dozen of Knopf bows made /stamped by Knopf
  3. Is it the same as the bows from Vuillaume workshop? I found it hard to understand what “A VIOLIN BOW BY NICOLAI KITTEL, MADE BY HEINRICH KNOPF” means It seems the auctioneer is not quite sure who made the bow
  4. The description of the lots were not consistent this time There was a gold mounted bow titled “probably by” Kittel being changed to “ascribed to” few days ago
  5. Looks like a violin-shaped Easter chocolate
  6. The estimates for most lots are on the high side
  7. What is Tarisio lot23 actually ??
  8. Why don’t they spend that sum of money in Tarisio, they could have get something better or more authentic
  9. Any idea of the origin of this fiddle? French mirecourt?
  10. Here are some HD photos Are the defects repairable?
  11. I came across a nice looking violin in an auction and requested its condition report but it sounded quite scary with lots of problems Back: repaired cracks at button, repaired worm damage. Ribs: inserts at neck, worm damage, chips at end button, minor cracks at lower bouts. Top: repaired cracks at: bass f-hole, lower bass bout, & upper treble bout; negligible cracks at saddle; minor inserts at neck; grain raised lower bass bout; some edge wear, negligible cracks, & lower bass corner capped. Head: negligible chips & cracks, pin at back of head. Varnish: some wear & retouch. I am no expert in violin repairing, just curious with several terms used in the report What does "inserts at neck" exactly means and "grain raised lower bass bout" refers to others are quite self-explanatory Thanks for all your help!
  12. So it's more like a Mirecourt instrument?
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