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    No one wants to help? I guess Im asking dumb questions even as a noob wanting a starting point. Ill just go buy anything then
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    Hi Im 38 and want to learn the violin, just for me I know its not easy. My budget is decent, say 3k * violin alone, (1k for case and bow also )to get started, I know I can spend alot less but if I can buy one instrument to grow with thats more ideal then upgrading. As long as its not advanced in the sense its harder to play? More why pick up bad habits on a lesser instrument if I can afford not to? Narrowed it down to these, interested in classical playing for my own enjoyment, please advise 1) mezzoforte forte design $2500- I like carbon as I travel and have kids, just appears durable and less tuning. Like the sound very much, a bit more bright but for learning perhaps unwise? Beautiful and perhaps a one stop purchase and all the violin ill need for awhile? 2) Holstein cannone $1400- love the fuller, lower, more mellow sound? Scott cao cannone $1100, it appears I like the style canone. Thoughts are wood is better to learn on? Prob all I need, better feel or easier to play then carbon? 3) Mezzo evo $1100 - not as good as the design line, but cheaper and can travel, isnt as powerful but perhaps thats good while learning? Also its sandwich carbon and not fully layered- regardless my thought was I could start here and have money left over for the cannone, or vice versa. Albeit if I started with the cannone id prob still want to come back for the mezzo design....just sounds fuller. Thoughts? Not trying to waste money but 2-3 k is fine for me if its not silly and theres value to be had starting with a more complete violin, or buying a lower end carbon and nice wood or a lower end wood and the design line. Thanks!