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  1. We have a Don on nextdoor app who is a new internet celebrity. He is a peacock joined a flock of wild turkeys. Don enjoys shouting match with toms and showboating his handsome feature to hens. In another word, Don the peacock is a player
  2. I always want to ask, it is better now than never. Hope I don’t offend anyone. This is meant to be a joke. Why there are so many Dave or David in the business? I swear I have never seen these many Dave in any professional or online settings. What’s up with that? Is there a secrete violin society of Dave->VSD? One more, does any Dave know the secret chord to please the lord? I would love to hear that chore. Cheers
  3. Yes, I can see the pins too. The instrument has sweet A-G, E is penetrating compare to the other 3. I am thinking of way to close that gap a littler bit.
  4. Thanks... you guys should all sale directly to the west coast and make a killing.
  5. Martin, the question I have now is that the price you estimated $8k-$10k still ok? Thanks!
  6. Thank you so much Martin! That is the best answer I can hope. I didn’t even realize the bridge is original until you mention it. It has crossed the pond landed in San Francisco.
  7. One interesting fact: it has a heavy & strong & solid feel that I never get from other violins. Like handling a ‘tank’ sort of thing.
  8. Hello I came across this violin in a local shop that I used to frequent before covid. It is consignment. Violin plays nice and it is in excellent condition Label reads Strad Type (hand written) Artist Violin A. Hume special (special is hand written) London Anno 1925 Is it a real Hume? Thank you very much Modified for privacy
  9. Thank you. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F333602406837
  10. I sort of guess the name from the text under chinrest. It was the name of owner. A teenage based the carton logo right next to his name. And owner’ name is more likely from HK, Taiwan or US than mainland China. No idea about the instrument.
  11. Good work! I run into the same problem couple of times when the sound and price are disconnected. It is an instrument after all. A good portion of the players pay for the sound 1st. But after certain price point other factors start to be more important.
  12. Make a really good one, loan it to a conservatory student, have it played everyday. Make adjustments after a year. Loan it out again for another year and repeat. You could have a ‘seasoned’ instrument after 2+ year process. 2022 will be the most competitive ever.
  13. Sure looks like it is cancelled. no fun.