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  1. Frankly, I hardly understand your responses. Blaming me is a rather stangre move.

    I tried to help and warn people. I  experienced what  I reported. If you do not believe people you post, that's fine to me. But I miss the meaning of such a forum if you go that route.

    I didn't expect any help, I was trying to inform people. that's all. 

  2. On 10/29/2021 at 2:09 PM, Guido said:

    Online shoppers get what online shoppers want, top of the line model, bargain price. Happens every day.

    I don't get that comment.

    I had a deal with the seller. We agreed on the products and price. I paid and got products of lower quality.

    Again, I just wanted to inform people so that they do not fall into the same trap


  3. 43 minutes ago, Wood Butcher said:


    It's very common for online resellers to use a stock photo, as an example of what the instruments look like. Naturally this will be of the best-looking ones, but won't necessarily be like what you will receive, even though it will be the same model number/series.

    This trick is also used by sales reps, who pick the best one to have as their sample, and of course you will then make an order based on this. When opening the box, you will feel a sense of disappointment.

    But all of this can be avoided by going to a shop, where you can both see and play exactly what you will be buying. The OP has bought stuff online before and not been happy, so nothing has changed, and no lesson was learned.

    this seller sell some violas and violins that you can choose individually from its onlne shop. every violin/viola has a unique ID and I chose 2 products based on a number of pics.  We agreed on a price for the 2 units and I received 2 different devices knowing that the actual products are still for sale on ebay.


  4. Dear all,

    I'm here to warn everybody about a far from hnonest seller on ebay.

    He's got 2 shops, selling identical products, .referred as  violin--shop and Dushi.

    I bought him a Viola and a violin and I actually did get 2 top-of-the-line instruments which are very different fom the ones I bought.

    Of course, they are of a much lower quality.

    I thought that the seller just made a mistake, but he does not answer my emails anylonger,simply ignoring me.

    Sad story. Just hoping that nobody else will face such a situation.


  5. Dear Experts,

    here are a few pics from a violin for sale.

    I will not buy it but i am still interested in your opinion about this seemingly old instrument.

    The scroll seems long and wide to me with respect to the current standards.














  6. 5 hours ago, martin swan said:

    Good old Google - "fondu" in this context doesn't necessarily mean molten or dissolved, it can also mean burnt out or faded.

    Is it to be read "rouge brun fondu ... entre les ondes" ie. burnt red brown between the flame or "rouge brun ... fondu entre les ondes" ie. red brown dissolved between the flames.

    Since the same catalogue describes various finished as just "rouge brun fondu" or "ambre fondu" it's clearly the former - in other words "fondu" means burnt out or faded as a way of describing a colour shade.

    faded would be the proper translation I guess


  7. 7 hours ago, martin swan said:

    How were you going to test it when it has no hair?

    Of course, she can't play it. but still can check physically it's curent state of conservation, flexibiity of the stick, balance..


  8. I am still looking for a new bow for my daughter.

    This one will be for sale soon (in an auction) about 100 km from where we live.

    it's supposed ot be from Mirecourt circa 1910.

    Is it worth the trip ?





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