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  1. It sounds so ... not french.
  2. absolutely, but Notre Dame was also as the Louvre or the Musée d'Orsay. Those 3 are very popular within Parisian, the Sainte Chapelle is not.
  3. astonishingly visiting the Sainte Chapelle is not so popular within Parisian.
  4. there are also a bunch of non-violin related stuff to visit in the city.
  5. This one is supposedly from VISSENAIRE, Luthier in Lyon (France) in 1861.
  6. it says : F. Breton (a name), patented deom S.M.G in Angouleme (a small city in France)
  7. sorry for the late response. here is he "label"
  8. auctionner... from its label...
  9. Dear experts, this supposedly 140 year old french violin is for sale on public auction. is it of any interest ? thanks in advance for your thought best
  10. it was not bought on ebay. I did not know the expression "a dog dinner" but this does not sound very positive ;-) My daughter played it before it was rehaired. The hair was in a poor shape.
  11. Thank you Blanck Face. All this is very plausible. What is funny is that I kind of liked the fittings. Fititngs in good shape was a selling point.
  12. Hi folks, I recently acquired a bow that I like. It's a bit early to be sure about the tonal quality since it arrived at home... today after rehairing. There is a label which is probably fake (I guess), but still worth noting : F.N. VOIRIN. The seller did not sell it as an authentic Voirin, just to make it clear. However, it's sold as a (good) pernambuco bow with high quaity fittings. I just took a few pictures of the bow. So any feedback would be very much appreciated. N.B : bow weighs exactly 60g
  13. the seller : "Hi, "Français" here refers to Emile Français, who was a well known Parisian luthier in the middle part of 20th century. The violin is not French, more likely of German origin. And 18th century..."
  14. The guy who sold the case (maybe he 's the maker too, not sure) is named Emile (first name) Francais (last name).
  15. Hi again folks, here is a bow from supposedly Lothar Seifert. It does not look really nice to me. The wood quality seems pretty poor to me any opinion ?
  16. thanks guys. I'll inform the owner who is truly believing that he had a (badly sounding) gem.
  17. Hi guys, Here are a few pics. What do you think about this supposedly french violin ? FYI, I do not intend to buy it, this is just for education purposes. cheers
  18. lots of good reason not to buy this bow
  19. any opinion of the restored (see the head) Prefretzschner
  20. Jul

    violin bow

    I guess that they are tons of suitable bows. As I mentioned, she does not feel confident enough to decide. I guess that it is related to the price. She does no want to make the wrong choice.