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  1. faded would be the proper translation I guess
  2. It's all in the title. Did someone ever test the Larsen Aurora ? It's reasonably priced here in Europe. We wondered how ut behaves ,,,
  3. Jul

    opinion on a bow

    this is precisely what i like most in Maestronet : you can find answers from real experts !
  4. Jul

    opinion on a bow

    Of course, she can't play it. but still can check physically it's curent state of conservation, flexibiity of the stick, balance..
  5. Jul

    opinion on a bow

    very clear. thanks. we intended to go to the auction to test the bow. It seems not to be worthwhile
  6. Jul

    opinion on a bow

    btw, no, I do not have more pics.
  7. I am still looking for a new bow for my daughter. This one will be for sale soon (in an auction) about 100 km from where we live. it's supposed ot be from Mirecourt circa 1910. Is it worth the trip ?
  8. It sounds so ... not french.
  9. absolutely, but Notre Dame was also as the Louvre or the Musée d'Orsay. Those 3 are very popular within Parisian, the Sainte Chapelle is not.
  10. astonishingly visiting the Sainte Chapelle is not so popular within Parisian.
  11. there are also a bunch of non-violin related stuff to visit in the city.
  12. This one is supposedly from VISSENAIRE, Luthier in Lyon (France) in 1861.
  13. it says : F. Breton (a name), patented deom S.M.G in Angouleme (a small city in France)
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