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  1. I have a packet of weedwackers in my hand right right now ;-)
  2. With the turn of a nut, the wheel simply detaches and the player stands behind the instrument. I've become quite good at playing it without even removing the wheel (stand slightly to one side) so that's an option as well.
  3. Correct, this is a plucking instrument. I am the best in the world at playing this particular instrument and I've taught myself to reach and pluck all three strings just fine with the flat fingerboard :-p
  4. UPDATE: IT WORKS! scale length is 43 inches
  5. This is my wheelbarrow bass: It's based on a 3-stringed hybrid of an electro-acoustic bass (ovation style) and an orchestral upright bass, so it will have a double-bass bridge. Here's my question: Does it need a bass bar? If it does need one, it should go under the left foot of the bridge? should it be hardwood or would pine be enough? More pics here: The face is made from 5mm ply and will be glued to the curved hardwood ribs and sound bar. Thanks very much in advance for your advice on this unusual build.