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  1. First position, 3rd finger, g string then d, a, e, then going back down the strings. Then high two, moving from g through the strings to e then back down. Low two up then back. First finger on G (a) then slide down to low, slide back. Move on through the strings and back. Repeat, repeat, repeat. When you’ve mastered it, then scales and arpeggios. If it’s become second nature, learning second and third positions become a none issue. Your hands hold the memory. I also have problems with note dyslexia so picturing where the note is on the sheet music while I say it out loud as I’m playing i
  2. Student here- The manuals are following a certain classical tradition. It’s been systematized. I’ve been working with an Irish fiddle teacher who uses a system to train the fingers in all positions FIRST. Then the scales are learned. She learned it from her teacher, who I believe, developed the practice. I spent two years with a former Juilliard instructor, studying the classical way to learn, and I have to say, I’ve learned more “off book” in the past year from my fiddle teacher. You said reforming education is on your to-do list. You might just start by studying the teac
  3. Mystic


    I second on the set up. You won’t know until you know. I have a “fancy”, my profile pic is the scroll. When I inherited it, my trusted go-to guy told me not to expect much out of it. But it was in my grandfathers keeping (a man left it in his care, I think during the war and never returned) so it was an affair of the heart. It astounded him when the repairs were completed. Not a masterpiece but a very full voiced, intermediate level violin. You wont know until you do. Best of luck to you!
  4. That seems to be the easiest explanation. Thank you.
  5. Is this an odd frog? I haven’t seen an eyelet with a pin on top, what is it’s purpose? And the machining on the top of the ferrule looks like it has a very specific job. My first thought was a thread cutter....
  6. Contact link for Framus Vintage they may be able to solve the mystery....
  7. Filmed at Bantry House, which is also a somewhat reasonably priced B&B, with garden and home tours. Which is now on my Post-Covid bucket list! Thanks for posting this!
  8. Mystic

    John Krienitz

    Oh, he made a name for himself... there was a big murder trial that he and his brother were involved in. He made a pass at his landlady that she declined. She ended up being murdered a short time later. He and his brother were cleared but in a small town, that stuff can hang over your head for a long time. Here’s a photo of him.
  9. Just a general aside.... if the choice is repair or dustbin, there are many who would relieve you of the psychic burden of the dustbin.... might even pay shipping...
  10. Do you have access to an inspection scope? If you do, look in the upper right front. There may be some information.
  11. Do you by any chance wear progressive lenses? There is a not so sweet spot in progressives that can cause distortion.
  12. Perhaps the fit adage would be... A fool and their money are soon parted.
  13. THIS! I’m a “senior” (+50) first year, very enthusiastic student. One thing I and my instructor noticed early on was my pinkie finger would flag up when all other fingers were down. I’ve worked with it and have successfully retrained it. Recently, I was practicing a piece for a “challenge” and I evidently over practiced and hyperextended my ring finger. It happened very quickly and took me by surprise. This article clarified the mechanics for me. Thank you!
  14. 100 years from today, which will be more cherished?
  15. The bridge, (assumption on my part) was cut by the maker. He stamped a star on the scroll and also the bridge. He dated the bridge, 4.14.36, Given the minimum wear (including the bridge) and neck length, I’m also assuming 36 is 1936. I wanted to get a feeling for the makers original intent before I moved away from it. It’s a well crafted bridge. As for strings.... I’m cash poor at the moment. I’ve used a mix of spares (old but not used). Back in the dark ages during my second (note dyslexia) attempt to learn classical violin, I had tried both Dominant and Tonika. My current favorite is