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  1. THIS! I’m a “senior” (+50) first year, very enthusiastic student. One thing I and my instructor noticed early on was my pinkie finger would flag up when all other fingers were down. I’ve worked with it and have successfully retrained it. Recently, I was practicing a piece for a “challenge” and I evidently over practiced and hyperextended my ring finger. It happened very quickly and took me by surprise. This article clarified the mechanics for me. Thank you!
  2. 100 years from today, which will be more cherished?
  3. The bridge, (assumption on my part) was cut by the maker. He stamped a star on the scroll and also the bridge. He dated the bridge, 4.14.36, Given the minimum wear (including the bridge) and neck length, I’m also assuming 36 is 1936. I wanted to get a feeling for the makers original intent before I moved away from it. It’s a well crafted bridge. As for strings.... I’m cash poor at the moment. I’ve used a mix of spares (old but not used). Back in the dark ages during my second (note dyslexia) attempt to learn classical violin, I had tried both Dominant and Tonika. My current favorite is Warchal Amber. So as soon as that HUGE stimulus check hits my account, it’s a done deal. As the violin settles in and I get used to it and it to me, I find that it takes an aggressive bowing style that my “beginning” status (3rd time’s a charm) as a violinist find a bit challenging. But it’s teaching me. As are all of you. And I thank you for your insight.
  4. It appears to be the original varnish, fairly thin. Nothing spectacular and definitely not oversprayed. But good thought.
  5. I changed out the strings last night to a mishmash of extras I purchased for two violins that I had professionally set up 2 decades ago no idea what they are... except I remember they were expensive and have a Warchal Amber e. It sounded MUCH better but the same issue, it needs aggressive bowing to make it open up and sing. It’s a learning for me. I took measurements when I installed the bridge, the projection is a tiny, very tiny, bit low. I definitely thought about carving a new one but at the time, didn’t want to waste the time if other things didn’t resolve. I’ll let it get used to the changes before I jump to a new bridge. Thank you for your thoughts.
  6. Until you heard my playing.... I’m a second year student (if you don’t count the failed attempts in my youth). But I’m meeting with my teacher on Thursday and I’ll see if she will give it a go. It will be much more pleasant for all. its been an interesting journey learning to play and at the same time, learning about violin construction and set up. I’ve bought old “junkers” on the low cheap to mess around with and to my great surprise and delight, after doing (simple) repairs and working through learning proper set up, several of them have turned out to be very nice and sometimes challenging players, like this one, that have taught me more about playing than if I’d just stayed with my original, quite adequate, inherited violin. It may be an addiction.
  7. Thank you. I wasn’t aware. I have a junker for practicing with, I’ll give it a try. I figure the more tools in the mental toolbox, the better. The video was interesting. Is there a clean release tape or something to protect the edges of the f holes to prevent damage while fishing around with the setter? The sound of metal grating on the edges makes me a little queasy.
  8. This ties to my husbands comment when I first played it in an aggressive manner. It sounded really rough under ear but he was at the other end of the house and said it sounded really good. I just thought he was being kind. I think I’ll set up my recording equipment at a distance and see what I think. This may turn out to be a more interesting violin than I paid for. Thank you all for your comments! Much appreciated food for thought.
  9. Okay, so here’s another thought to throw into the mix... i just spent some time playing it and changed my bowing style. I got very aggressive, put much more pressure on the bow than usual and it doesn’t sound muffled. Thinking back...the strings are not top quality. I got them off Amazon quite awhile ago and they were really inexpensive....$12 I’ll swap out the strings and see what I get. Thank you for all your thoughts and input.
  10. In addition, the bass bar is quite elegant.
  11. 421.69g lob 357 upper 168 mid 112 lower 209 with a rib height of 31 taken with tape, not calipers. F holes are 70 long with the very widest at the notch 5.5. mensur is 195
  12. Roughly? I’d say around 5.5 mm. I sanded off just enough from a 6mm post to make it slide in without risking the wood. And even then, it only fits at the very widest, where the nicks are.
  13. I recently acquired an unmarked (except for the Strad star on the scroll eye and on the bridge) violin from 1936 per a date on the bridge. It has a one piece top and back with quite nice flaming, nice arching, is fairly well made. It has very little wear and has, what I am assuming is the original bridge, in “ like new” condition. I did the set up. It has great resonance when the strings are plucked BUT when I bow it, the sound sounds trapped. I’ve worked with sound post adjustments and no change in the trappedness. Here’s the thing.... the f holes are really, really, REALLY narrow. I had a choice of using a fractional sound post or sanding down a standard. I chose the later. A very tight fit. Could the narrowness of the sound holes and limited air movement be the contributing factor? My instinct says yes, but I’m a tinkerer, not a luthier. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  14. I’ve picked up a few violins of this quality on eBay that had open seams in the $50-90 range. After closing, a couple have even sounded okay.... there are plenty of newer, used student grade, better quality violins to be found on eBay for the same or lower $$. Knilling comes to mind. Better yet, go to a local shop and talk to them.
  15. I inherited my grandfather’s JTL “El Maestro” which he bought through mail order in +/- 1918. It had a set of those and based on the wear, and his tight wallet, I’m pretty sure they were original equipment. They were the first to go. I used them in an art project.