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  1. I just got one a couple of weeks ago and I love it! My problem wasn’t so much the squeak but my eardrum fluctuating like crazy on the e. Every e I’ve tried but this one. It makes my practice a pleasure now.
  2. Too much maths for me, but fascinating. i just received this violin. At first glance, it looked factory made, with nice wood, good arching, not to thick or thin top plate , a one piece back with lots of tigering. After handling it more there is quite a bit of clumsiness in the way it’s put together. Like the scroll volutes are not even. The lower bass side rib is too long but instead of cutting to fit, it’s glued wonky and has a bulge. All the internal parts are present but inelegantly finished. I’m thinking this may have been a kit. The bridge has a date penciled in of 1934. Don’t know how it sounds yet. If it’s better than average, I’ll post pics.
  3. Thank you! I was unaware. I just found the MN thread that discusses it. Interesting. I still think it unattractive, and a bit jarring to the eye, regardless of the provenance. Back to the question, was there a particular factory that was known to do this?
  4. Just wondering if this was a “thing” done in some factory?
  5. Fire has worked very well with tight grained wood in my art projects. I use a butane torch and sand down with linseed oil. keep a bucket and rag close by.
  6. Ingredients list for your specific product sir.
  7. I don't have a dog in this fight and I’m not a chemist. Cif bathroom cleaning ingredients.
  8. I had a friend starting back in high school in the late ‘70’s, who wrote backdoors into every program he ever worked on and would periodically check to see if it was still viable. University, State Government, Payroll, Library services, security for a very large regional research museum. The FBI finally caught up with him and he went straight and became a consultant. He’s dead now but his legend lives on.
  9. A sadly true statement. What’s a poor girl to do? I love violins.
  10. No idea what the wood is but could the darkening be from a wood preserving process that uses fire? shou-sugi-ban is the Japanese term. The color layering resembles some of the wood I’ve burned in my art. There may be a faint lingering odor of char. Have you smelled it?
  11. One could extrapolate from the title that the OP was, in fact, commenting on eBay. Shrug.
  12. Speaking as a proletariat to an elite, eBay can provide a low cost way for those of limited means to find and repair violins that would (perhaps) be junk heaped. I have zero expectations that my $100 purchase will miraculously turn out to be an overlooked masterpiece, however, it can turn into a very nice student or intermediate level violin that I can find great satisfaction in restoring, playing and moving on. However, I don’t to this as a livelihood.
  13. Don’t think this is the guy, his hair is darker, but very interesting.
  14. I’m going with an American with a high paying professional job. His shoes aren’t ratty. Pretty sure that’s a classic Dickies work shirt he’s wearing. Right down to the dark buttons on the double pocket front. Don’t think they were available internationally back then. The pants look like good quality, repurposed dress slacks.
  15. The precision of the inking suggests the use of a Lamy pen. An expensive (at the time) favorite of architects and academics...