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  1. Sarl Vichy Encheres auction with a handful of violins but mostly guitars and mandolins https://www.interencheres.com/meubles-objets-art/vente-dinstruments-a-vent-a-cordes-pincees-et-de-musique-populaire-297013/
  2. Of Course you would. No opinion in Maestronet is accurate unless its yours. I don't care though if you agree or disagree. However, having said that I would pretty much assume you seem to not be in touch with modern realities but then again that is my opinion. I am sure you wouldn't agree to that either since it did not come from you
  3. Of course - this is entirely to do with Brexit. You are giving Tarisio more credit that it deserves by making it a harbinger of a shifting economy owing to Brexit. Tarisio's decision to open a presence in Berlin is purely for business reasons as the region lacks a worthy enough fine instruments auction house. I don't believe Bongartz holds any auctions anymore and the other auction houses like Dorotheum or the ones in Italy do not specialize in fine instruments. As for the reason as to why there are very few instruments in the London sale, it can be attributed to fatigue. Unlike a Bromptons where instrument inspection and cataloguing can be fairly decentralized, Tarisio works more like a one man auction house. Each and every instrument needs to be personally seen, touched and authorized by Jason Price before it gets included in the auctions. Instruments frequently do not get included as apparently Jason couldn't get to it as he was inspecting instruments in London or Berlin etc. He probably spent more time in Berlin and trying to make the first auction a success while deciding to go slow on the London auctions. And I dont believe Brexit or anything else can shift importance from London to other cities. London is a financial powerhouse with well regulated markets, attracts the highest investments in technology in comparison to other European cities, an English speaking population that allows people to travel and conduct business easily, and more market, business friendly. Its position and importance has been cemented through centuries of development and progress which cannot be taken away in such a short timescale.
  4. A Back length of 720 mm is considered 7/8 so this cello is indeed 7/8. With regards to this cello it does not have an attribution and while certain aspects about it appear french it is not something I would completely identify as of french origin. In cases where such doubt exists, it is better to avoid a purchase decision. Not all ebay sellers are dodgy and not all brick and mortar violin dealers are trustworthy. You can get ripped off anywhere and you can also buy some very good instruments from ebay as there are sellers who have made a good reputation for themselves over the years. If there is an instrument that you like and are unsure, you can write to J Rampal's office with pictures and check if they will agree certifying it in case you plan to buy. I have always received prompt responses . Or you can also write to Philip Kass who is an expert and charges a nominal fee for giving an opinion through pictures. This ensures you have an expert opinion backing you up before putting your money into it.
  5. Would you feel bad if you lost an ebay auction bidding on a fake Rolex watch ? The Roth violin is fake. You saved your money.If you cannot determine the violin is real or not, you are best advised to buy from the Tarisio fine auctions or from a reputed dealer.
  6. I believe it was a combination of two things that contributed to a poor outcome. The estimates were a little unrealistic for a few instruments. For example, a 1962 Roth with a soundpost crack at 2500-4000 and a Carletti at 18000 was in my opinion a bit high. Secondly, most bows had serious condition issues along with good name violins like WE Hill with a badly done soundpost repair.
  7. Even if I am the Even if I am the only bidder, I will still pay to Amati more than what I would have paid to JP Guivier for buying the same instrument from their website. 5000 bid +1100 commission.
  8. So it means they have nothing to lose.If the auction ends in a sale, they pocket the seller and buyer commission. If the consignor withdraws the item, they recover their cost by charging the consignor.If it does not sell, they No, the buyer pays 22% commission and the final bill to the buyer comes to around 6100.
  9. Of Course I want everyone to see it. The auctioneer has nothing to lose if the item does not sell. But a buyer who bids the instrument to hundreds of pounds higher than what it is being publicly sold for in addition to paying the hefty premium would walk away feeling cheated. And lets also note that if the retail price of JP Guivier is 6000, the actual cost will be much lower for the dealer.An auctioneer should not just be fair to the seller but also the buyer.People come to auctions looking for fair deals but if the auctioneer takes a dealers inventory and posts it for an auction with the bid starting at the retail price offered by the dealer , thats not correct at all. I will now start suspecting if the rest of the items are also similar.
  10. James- You might want your consignors to remove their instruments ads if they are consigning it to you on auction. Else, the auction price will never move. Lot 109 is being sold by JP Guiver on their website for 6000 and has been consigned to Amati with a starting bid for the same price :-)
  11. Can somebody ID if this is a authentic Kloz violin ? It has the Joseph Kloz Mittenwald label
  12. Lot 45: An Interesting Italian Violin, https://www.bromptons.co/auction/1st-11th-december-2020/lots/45-an-interesting-italian-violin-circa-1800.html Any idea what this violin is ?
  13. An authentic Gaetano Antoniazzi cello is in a different league altogether than a Siego labelled cello that the auctioneers have listed as ' attributed' which means they don't believe it was made by Siega. What or how old is this cello would invite various opinions.In such a situation the cello will be valued on its individual characteristics. 770mm is considered long in the trade just like violins that have a length of back of 360mm is considered long and has little demand. You can always bid on it and buy it but if you want to turn around and sell it later its just a spuriously labelled unknown origin cello with a back length that is not preferred.
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