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  1. Its back on sale in the 'After Sales' catalog. You can now actually get it cheaper!
  2. It seems line an elaborate copy to me. The seller is a master counterfeiter going by the copy
  3. Looks like a copy right to the tailpiece looking similar https://www.ebay.com/itm/144835245977?hash=item21b8da7799:g:4TsAAOSwgtRjgTZC https://www.cellocollection.com/cello-luigi-galimberti-1937/#.Y4psLnbMK3A
  4. Obviously Brompton's or any other auction house does not think like you. If they did, they would have been happy with these big ticket items selling and not run an After Sales for the other items that did not sell. The OP did not notice that these items sold but noticed that many items were unsold. Its bad marketing for Brompton's as people will think twice before consigning items to them considering they have many unsold always. The auctioneer has a responsibility to try and sell every item consigned to them. Value is definitely a metric that is closely aligned to profitability. But volume and percentage sold are equally good and important measures to attribute the success of an auction. If Brompton's had a value strategy alone like you mentioned is the most defining metric, they would focus on fewer and high ticket items. Not over 250 items with estimates spread from the low hundreds to half a million. I don't know what strategy you are talking about but clearly there is no strategy here.
  5. @Shelbow Vichy Encheres is up. Just giving you a heads up as I have been told only you should ring in the good times !
  6. @jamesbuchananI would be wary of having a drink with someone who believes the number of items sold in an auction is not a significant metric. Anyway, this auction of your was very good and although I lost on a few items I liked I did manage to buy quite a few. Merry Xmas !
  7. Consistency of offerings earn my praise. I don't have any soft spots for Tarisio or Amati etc. My response was to the OP who mentioned he sees more after sales at Brompton's than at Tarisio and I gave him/ her my opinion on what the reason could be. You have not come up with any specific reason behind it but talk about strategies. I don't think Brompton's has a strategy of having so many unsold items even after the After Sales. A combination of marketing, carefully selecting the portfolio for consignment, ensuring condition is optimum can give you a more successful outcome. As simple as that.
  8. He made a blanket statement that all auction houses are successful. That's not the case. I have seen Freemans and Kestenbaum go belly side up in this business
  9. True. Martin was saying each auction house has its own strategy and all are successful. It is a totally wrong statement
  10. Have visited all and its based on my opinion. And not all auction houses are successful. Some have failed miserably like Freemans Music Auction or Kestenbaum Auctions.
  11. My 2 cents is that most if not all items in Tarisio fine auctions are in Good to very Good condition and players participate equally with dealers. With Brompton's, there is more emphasis on the rarity of the maker and many instruments need plenty of work. Most of the cellos have back soundpost cracks and many bows and violins have significant condition issues. With Ingles it is even more. I would advise not to bid on Ingles until you see the condition report. The pictures make the instruments look pristine while the condition report after you receive it is totally the opposite. Also, with Ingles you need to request for a condition report which is sent the next day.
  12. Thanks for sharing the post. Do keep us updated on other interesting items that you might come across. There are others who do the same and it helps us all. Just ignore the irrelevant comments from a few. They are part of the burden that comes along with being part of maestronet
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