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  1. It would be interesting to check with Bein and Fushi on what their view is on this lot and certificate. The certificate is quite recent and given a decade back and am not too sure much has changed in their perspective in the last 10 years.
  2. What could this violin be ? I see a trend of Bein & Fushi certificates being outed. https://tarisio.com/auctions/auction/lot/?csid=2199617536&cpid=3695837184&filter_key=
  3. I saw this post. It does not look right to me. If the label is Paolo Giacomelli the instrument would have an entirely different reddish varnish. The Rampal story is a bit incredulous.
  4. What is the opinion on the instruments in mehlis ? Many look suspect to me with the wood, varnish and label not very representative of the makers it has listed.
  5. Thanks Shelbow. The sale is indeed a 'General' collection of instruments :-)
  6. I am sure the Becker sounds better than most Stradivaris. Sound is not the only factor but the pedigree also matters
  7. Ok Shelbow. You have been made the knight and we will not post any auction information unless you ride up in here
  8. https://app.amati.com/en/auction/1089-singleowner-27th-april Amati Single Owner is now online
  9. Tarisio Berlin Catalog is up https://tarisio.com/auctions/auction/?csid=2199568384
  10. I believe in comparison to other items that thrive in a auction environment like Fine Art, Luxury watches or Jewelry, string instruments do not lend itself to complete customer satisfaction through bidding remotely. Most serious buyers, collectors or enthusiasts tend to play an instrument or personally review it before deciding to bid on it. I see even students with a budget of $1500 trying many instruments before deciding the one that appeals to them the most. The only large city with a combination of symphony houses, music schools, purchasing power and direct air connectivity to major domestic and international cities is New York The US is the largest fine instruments market in the World. There is definitely enough space for more auction houses and they don't need to be geo located in the West or South etc. NY can continue to be the epicenter but knowledge, capital and simply the energy to run the show possibly deters many people from getting into it.
  11. Nope...no music auction houses to the west of the Mississippi...
  12. If no new auction house is venturing into it and established players like Bromptons and Amati are not opening branches here there must be a reason. Profitability pressures or maybe the US is not a Country where you can source instruments easily unlike Europe
  13. The UK has Amati, Ingles Hayday, Bromptons specializing only on string instruments. If Skinner closes down, Tarisio will have a dominating position over the entire United States. Freemans and Kestenbaum closed their musical instruments division. We need another auction house in the US desperately
  14. Was a real dogfight until the end...looks like all prices have gone through the roof
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