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  1. That’s it! Thank you, that is very helpful.
  2. The one on EBay is up for over a thousand. I don’t know if it’s the same violin or not though, it is just one that looks similar in style.
  3. So, in all honesty, I’ve only been playing stringed instruments for like two years. I found this violin for sale a little over a year ago on Craigslist. it was originally posted for like $250 but I ended up talking the lady down to $150. The lady was trying to get rid of it and was just happy to get money for it I think. It’s a custom violin. Unlabeled. Has a dragon carving on the back and carvings in the scroll. I imagine it’s a Chinese instrument, but I don’t really know anything about this sort of topic. I was told it has a solid maple back and sides. I don’t know what the top is made of and neither did the lady. She had bought it for her daughter from some company that imports custom violins. Her daughter didn’t want it, so it had sat in a closet somewhere for years unused. It had horrible strings on it, so I replaced them and also got a new tailpiece. Does anyone know what it’s actually worth? I’ve been thinking about selling it because I don’t play the violin much. My main instrument is the cello and the violin was just sort of a side project. When I first bought it, someone on this forum told me this is the same violin, is this true?https://www.ebay.com/itm/181848994592?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item2a570b7320:g:3y4AAOSwLiBeqyOj&amdata=enc%3AAQAFAAACgBaobrjLl8XobRIiIML1V4Imu%2Fn%2BzU5L90Z278x5ickk8Fd9si%2FIbtWQr%2BhnlRwjDfqC42EUzd6Rtg2ne5nyLOCaKQ3IAd%2BJGQM68jdWtpoL38icoKh064ZP75qHph%2BOwfk57mMnD14Lvl3IgS3ajnnZU8YIru1pgzG0%2FZrh1Pxs7q1PVd3AvT2%2BuVNl7OT1otTk1UuVhGH1mM7pnNVwM1Fb5ZIBfS85ZkFwXCITec35b4jD04CDrYmQEg3JRRSjOoF2lyeqwxQEuTHmz1P1jgFHT4Ze5VopUdk0lh4hRnwcJEPSqYGQ2MnbeNhCJ0rt0Jj6AlgKVAD4CqradVWHITl8au0m%2BDnHOwW4KHJIn4ZIwUE5%2Bv0s8aXmrpiC0P94h%2F4bjxDd8cxYDLsbtWPR75LpviBTqO3d8tdFPMcWwpVk76LBkangJ22rxTNGL7%2BjmuootVCm58zBfMs3kOjte86YX05eN%2BHadk4gSqIK6fF2duW9bICYySX3TlCRX3ZMRcWWGwidClntGENHIBZfP4C9X5jydwjbPe7XLvEvUXYvjLjWsebiuPoBOB5eWYz2yvFsqRW7Phzl%2FZOhvKMfnw%2FCT2tmBCCYzg4rCJOyrDotMLLeSfCr6S1sSRhrkBmSL9B1rbBEvqfIqo%2FtU5%2F7r92C7bPGyGl99QVIkyV7t5VAV71ESR9e6QZ0sxGIWa1DSpF0aaqYgV8AmIiJwX1knZbkCyqjVaWNB5R9XQERl1IQLYmGrdlrZ3%2FtUsoI9rt3i0pEyj%2F2U0m3m9cXHUiggC7xqiNrtOW25Z2agHFbv5CYfqYOeomc6VwzKLpVG9hBcpBjh%2BBb9SAAgreJJ7ZvHcU%3D|cksum%3A181848994592ce57fbc2ff9945769cda62ec22246681|ampid%3APL_CLK|clp%3A2334524
  4. I found this old thread on a "KONRAD" violin.
  5. Well... my current violin sucks... This one probably isn't worth it though. I'll move on and keep looking. I also found an old "KONRAD" violin I was thinking about,, but I'm not sure about that one either. I'll link to the thread.
  6. I don't actually have the violin. It would cost $20-30 to get it shipped to me. Someone donated the violin to a thrift store and the thrift store is selling it for real cheap, so I was wondering if it was worth getting. $30, plus new strings ($30-60), a bridge ($30) and some professional work from a luthier, and potentially a couple hundred dollar repair. Sounds like it will cost a lot. Idk, what do ya'll think? should I get it, or is it not worth it?
  7. With a bridge, new strings, chinrest, possibly new pegs, etc, how much would it be worth?
  8. Hi, does anyone know about this KONRAD violin? I found this at an auction I'm trying to decide if it's worth getting and fixing up. Its unlabeled except for KONRAD imprinted below the neck.
  9. Hello, I want to know what y'all think of this violin. is it quality enough to refurbish? Any information concerning these old unlabeled violins? here are some photos. What are your opinions?
  10. Hello, I saw an auction coming up at the goodwill for a really nice looking anton Schroetter violin. Its got some scuffs and probably needs new strings, but right now it's only at $41 plus $23 dollars shipping because no one has bid on it yet. I was curious as to the value of the instrument. I'm thinking about bidding on it. I'll attach some photos. Does anyone know anything about it?
  11. I'll just have to be patient I suppose. The right cello will come along when the time is right. I don't have much coming in regards to birthday money (my birthday is right after Christmas), because my parents already got me an early birthday present of cello strings (I'm so broke I couldn't buy those myself either, I really need a job). For Christmas, grandparents usually just give the whole family (I have a big family) a large check so the family can do something fun (which usually pays for our annual snowboarding trip), so the chances of me getting a cello are slim... to say the least. I suppose I could try to talk my grandparents into taking me to the music store sometime so I could play all the nice cellos and woo them into renting one for me. Very unlikely that will happen though... This is the life of a poor cellist for you...
  12. Hello, I am a cellist (probably obvious from the title). About a year ago I purchased a cheap $300 Easter cello on amazon. I fell in love with cellos and playing them. I have played that cheap thing to death and I'm ready for an upgrade. I am an advancing student (high school). I'm looking for a new cello that suites me. I'm going for a very mellow, warm and sweet sound. I find most cellos to bright (and I very much dislike the sound of my $300 cello now, bright and tinny). Not very long ago, I played an Eastman Strings student cello at the music shop, and it had the sweetest A string I'd ever heard. I loved it. yesterday I went back to the music store to play it again, and they had a different one on display. it was the same model of cello, but there were two of them. I tried playing the second one, and it sounded different. The A string was brighter (which did not suit me as much), however, I thing the G was richer. Now I'm afraid the first one (that I really liked) will get sold before I can save up that kind of money, because not every cello of that model sounds the same, but it costs $1500 and I do not have that kind of money and I don't have a job yet. Hmmph. I guess I'm just expressing my problems. I'm probably worrying to much about this, I just loved that first cello and I'm afraid it will go away, but I don't have money to buy it yet either. ): The problems of a poor cellist.
  13. Hi guys. So, I have been really interested in trying an electric violin. I'm looking for the best, most genuine acoustic sound. I hope to have an output for an amp and an input for a headphone jack. My biggest concern is sound. I've heard some electric violins I liked, and some I really hated. Does anyone have any recommendations with pros and cons? What are your favorite electric violins? Someone in the area is selling a Yamaha sv120. I don't know much about them. Does anyone have experience with this instrument? How much like a real, acoustic violin do these sound? P.S. I only have $500 to spend, so keep budget in mind with recommendations.
  14. So, we talked the lady down to $150 (which she was still happy with cause it was just sitting under a bed and wasn't being played). It has absolutely HORRIBLE strings on it, the bridge needs to be adjusted and the bow is junk, but the violin itself actually has a very rich tone. When I played it, even though the strings were brittle and buzzing, I could still tell the violin itself had a very rich and resonate tone. I can hardly imagine what it's gonna sound like with nice strings, a nice bow and a properly fitted bridge.
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