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  1. Omobono

    Red violin bow hair?

    If you're into color coordination maybe here is a case for its use:
  2. Omobono

    Red violin bow hair?

    Glasser cello bows: I would find these more distracting:
  3. Omobono

    Origin of Fractional Size Designations

    Ah! Here it is:
  4. Omobono

    Origin of Fractional Size Designations

    This comes to mind. (Would have to check Bach's score to see if there is a reference). Is it also called a 'violino sopranino' or did I just make that up?
  5. Luis! Ciao... auguri! Have you named this bambina yet? Perhaps I missed the Christening? Omo.
  6. Omobono

    How Do the Best Violins Compare?

    I'm not really disagreeing with the view the mics might favor Pinchas' fiddle but in this frame it appears to be the opposite of what you suggest........ Okay, Zukerman is marginally closer perhaps but not by much.
  7. Omobono

    The Strad

    It's sad in some ways to see the demise of magazines but newspapers are also having to come to terms with the change. I have been a digital subscriber from the outset. Travelling a lot it made things easier not accumulating back copies too on shelves. I haven't downloaded the April issue but I got notifications well before the end of March as someone else has noted. I see there is an article on Füssen featuring a Geissenhof fiddle.... Thanks for sparking my memory to check it out.
  8. Omobono

    How Do the Best Violins Compare?

    Here's something to listen too instead of adding my words to the discussion: Go to about the 22 min. mark of this masterclass and compare the sound of the two fiddles.
  9. Omobono

    Gladiator's violin

  10. Omobono

    Gladiator's violin

    Russel Crowe's own learardo Bisiach violin sold for about $100K (US) at n australian Sotheby's auction. sotheby Not that excessive if a fine Bisiach I suppose. 'At the beginning of the Master & Commander shoot in Rosarito, Mexico, the props department handed me a dark and heavy German violin to use in the movie. It was my thought that the Captain (Jack Aubrey), as gruff as he may be, would play a finer instrument. Peter Weir, (the director), agreed with me, but the film's budget couldn't take the extra cost. So I had my friend, Richard Tognetti, (from the Australian Chamber Orchestra), and my violin teacher, Robert Greene, try to track down something more suitable. They found me this beautiful Leandro Bisiach (made in Milan in 1890)."
  11. Omobono

    How Do the Best Violins Compare?

    Omobono's sojourn in Naples is mentioned a few times above along with the possibility of a Stradivari/Gagliano influence or link. I'm not up on most recent studies but the general view from reading various sketches of Omobono's time in Napoli would be less than clear on this point. What does seem clear is that he worked up considerable debt and perhaps was not the ideal ambassador for the Stradivarius name technically or artistically, at least in comparison with brother Francisco?
  12. Omobono

    Do not use cork please.

    The only cork I see anywhere near a fiddle is under the clamps of the chin rest and even that can make a mess.
  13. Andrew, as I expected to read, a fine reflection. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Omobono

    L & T Carcasi scroll 'beauty spot'?

    Oh No!!! (Thanks for going to the trouble, Martin ....... )
  15. Omobono

    RIP Michael Tree

    His performances with the Guarneri Quartet were formative in my chamber music listening and learning. Vale!