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  1. some gorgeous bows

    Can anyone relate why this collection has been dispersed or 'liquidated' at this particular time? Has it been in the planning for some time? A fully illustrated catalog would be a nice reference book. just curious.....
  2. some gorgeous bows

    Just took time to look at this. Thanks. Pretty much a 'who's who' of the art? An exhibition, a history, an chronological survey of the whole tradition. Also an impressive catalog of fiddles. It opens in 2 days time...... Who can tell us something of the background of this collection?
  3. Anyone else think the art world has gone mad

    Oh, for a moment Ben I thought I read it was now available for $4.5 M.....
  4. Giuseppe Lucci violin on Kijiji Milan

    Bruce, Brilliant anecdote about the pike! As a poor student in the 70's I was occasionally in the Maestro's shop in Via Firenze. No money to invest in a fiddle, but a friend had one I remember well. The years go by fast.
  5. A Stainer for only $66,000?

    Martin, are you by any chance related to the now retired English spin-bowler, Graeme Swann? Just curious? I needed a distraction from what ensued above since my last post....
  6. The Carleen Hutchins viola on the first page caught my eye, the model as much as the name. I wouldn't imagine one comes up on auction often?
  7. 20th Century Italian violin makers

    Ansaldo Poggi also seems to often use blackened chamfers ............
  8. A Stainer for only $66,000?

    It certainly looked well-credentialed............. with a bit of colorful provenance in the form of the Sammons letter if that is legit.
  9. My first real label. Is it missing something?

    Just out of interest...... what's the most 'memorable' ('bizarre'. 'brash') label you've seen recently or maybe not so recently?
  10. 20th Century Italian violin makers

    Fagnola, Oddone, sometimes?
  11. 3D Amati Image

    I just had a play with the 3D rotatable image of an Amati violin here: 3D image A novelty only as far as I am concerned as a player, but I would be interested to hear what makers think.
  12. Tarisio Certificates

    I noticed in the Tarisio website they announce a certificate service for instruments described as "by" a specific maker and listed at $20K plus. Is this a first among auction houses? Just curious..... tarisio
  13. A E Smith on Tarisio

    Wow! $84K with premium. That's a lot of lolly for an Aussie fiddle. Certainly smash a few records even with the impressive provinance.
  14. A E Smith on Tarisio

    Jacob's story about 'pregnancy' jolted my memory in that I recall a mentor of mine in my student days had a Smith fiddle with quite exaggerated ribs that widened in the C-bouts to create an impression of a swollen belly. Don't know if there was a rhyme or reason for it, and I do not recall having seen anything similar since.The owner actually called it his 'pregnant Smith'.
  15. Paravicini Strad?

    Here is the "before' picture of the table from the article Strad April 2017 p. 28.