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  1. A quick look at the tarisio.com archives shows a four samples of Vuillaume Brescians. (One of the first two has the added back decoration, the other does not). Not sure what kind of money they changed hands for but one would imagine not give-away if genuine Vuillaumes. All made in the earlier years 1830-1840.
  2. Wow! I could pick up five violas for maybe 100 pounds and spend the next few months having them varnished and set up.
  3. Thanks, Martin.
  4. Somebody presented me with a lot of rosin labelled 'Bel Canto' I had not seen before. Anyone used it or know much about it? There appear to be a Facebook page but not a website.
  5. Martin, Thanks for those pics. What might be the length of that viola you posted? 38.5 cm or thereabouts?
  6. "Frankensteined" sounds a little harsh for a fiddle with a bit of charm....
  7. Why a composite? I'm not sure but the lateral images show the corners out of kilter (mitres slanted off the horizontal) on the lower bouts suggesting they have been adjusted to accommodate a belly and back that do not quite fit? (We were looking at something similar on the Enescu Del Gesu pictures recently). The upper bout corners and mitres are aligned perfectly on the horizontal.
  8. That picture of the fiddle with the lengthy tailpiece gut is obviously from the time of the recovery as seen from another photo at the time.... Ms Wang appears to be playing the Ames with a different ebony tailpiece (presumably correctly fitted?)
  9. victordriver, Loved the 'Gadda after Martini' - the the handwritten note from Gadda is actually quite interesting. As for jamesbuchanan's clarification: " The violins aren't set up, so we should be blessedly free of too much noise" It will not only be a blind test but a deaf one, it seems. If someone really knows their contemporary makers I guess there may be some light shed.
  10. Gives a whole new meaning to the idea of 'blind testing'......
  11. To tattle or not to tattle ..... Thanks for the look at the bow which might indeed be beautiful.......... just wondering if we are sailing close to the wind with regard to policy issues here on promotion?
  12. By co-incidence I was just looking at a Giovanni Tononi ascribed fiddle on the Ingles & Hayday site a little earlier. Ingles & Hayday
  13. My cursory look at the videos suggest the strings vary from fiddle to fiddle but the bow appears to be the same. (Unless he is wearing a mask, I presume it is the same player ) Actually there's quite a bit online about the player David Ballesteros originally from the Canary islands.
  14. One would have hoped they did their best to 'level the playing field' with identical setups and recording conditions, but as we know from blind testing, what's in the players mind and the listeners expectations does play a role? Still your corroboration helps to reinforce my perceptions. Thanks.