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  1. Bromptons gave me a 200- 400 pound valuation on my Wardour St. Hill case. I thought that was fair.
  2. I wondered why there was not even a trace of a label. Thanks for the correction. I also see the hardware is different from Hill cases.
  3. I'd be interested to see what it fetches.
  4. I have an early one, I think they're just nice to look at.
  5. Described as everything but a Hill case. I suppose all cleaned up it could look nice. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Antique-Violin-Case-Coffin-Style-Old-Brass-Hardware-Possibly-French-Origin/114655505780
  6. Would I be correct to assume the groove made for the ribs would be after the alignment? Thanks for the interesting information David.
  7. Actually Jay, there is a pin extending through center at the top plate. Just one that I can see.
  8. Quite possibly 18th c. French. Frebrunet was a strong possibility. I don't see any pins on the front. The experts here have had a good look at the violin, but the pins have been a mystery to me.
  9. Were these pins/nails used solely as a decoration or a guide during construction? I don't seem to be able to find much information on this practice. Thanks.
  10. Rue, if I was just learning how to play Cello, I would jump on the chance to own that. Warts and all.
  11. Best to you too Josep. Thanks for the wonderful music.
  12. I've always said. E-Bay is not the problem any more than the seller at a garage sale or flea market. E-bay just happens to be a flea market larger than New York City. Lots of junk lots of great deals.
  13. So true, Jacob. What I have found lately though is that what I would take on in my mid 20's/30's when I thought nothing was impossible to fix has now become " I don't have time to waste on another project that will just sit on a shelf"
  14. Not French? Now I would doubt it's 18thc. A little deception, maybe unintentional.
  15. It's a little vague. For what he is asking you'd think he would focus more on the violin and it's history. I find the case just a distraction.
  16. Jacob it does state in the "items specific" pays de fabrication-France. I assume that means "made in France"
  17. Very true Rue, although I think I was pointing out that e-bay has become the alternative to selling in a shop as these small shops aren't allowed to have customers shop in-store due to the pandemic restrictions.
  18. I guess e-bay can be a lot of things. You've had an unfortunate experience. The gist of my rant was that the little guy has to now sell on e-bay because the pandemic restrictions will not allow customers to shop in his store. Hope you can work things out on your end with e-bay.
  19. Ha Ha, nowadays I just give stuff away...less hassle.
  20. Right from the get go, I didn't mind E-bay.I shop there a lot. As I would go to lot's of yard and garage sales also I sometimes got a bargain just like on e-bay. I also frequented antique stores and the odd estate sale. What I see happening now however is a lot of these small shops must sell their treasures on e-bay as customers aren't allowed in the stores due to pandemic restrictions. So they take not so good photos of their items and hope someone will buy on-line. I've seen lot's of antique stores selling items on e-bay over the years so I think generally there are lot's of honest sellers out there. In 20 years I have never had a problem. What a great market e-bay has become for the little guy who isn't allowed to have customers shop in his store. For the little guy who has a hard time with computers and all the crap you need to know just to make a few bucks. This pandemic doesn't miss anyone.
  21. Rue, I've found that on-line is fine for learning new material, not for being entertained. I said the same thing about videos when they first came out...they sucked, totally evacuated the imagination.
  22. Philip if you owned the antique store, what price would you put on it?
  23. Just goes to show that there is a broad range of opinions here and not all posts are safe from criticism. For instance if you were NOT a luthier and you posted photos of your violin repair work here....I can only imagine the response. However you might also learn a thing or two, the hard way. Anyway, just a little levity.
  24. Rampal sadly never got back to me. Possibly e-mail/messaging issues. Glad you found the link interesting, can't thank the experts here enough.
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