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    History, Scandinavian art forms and Viking history. History of Great Britain in the medieval age. Scotland. I read and play the pipes. France during the period 1789 to 1812. Collecting 18thc. manuscripts,indentures,newspapers etc. A little woodworking. Interested in very old violins.

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  1. The Violin Maker was a great read and I will read it a second time. I also listen to Eugene Drucker...having read this book by John Marchese.
  2. On July7 2020 I clumsily posted many pictures here of an old violin I had acquired. Through a lot of expert help I believe I have a Frebrunet. I'am still very grateful to everyone who helped me. The violin is very important to me and the history of France at that time has been truly fascinating. Thank you again Michael.
  3. Bromptons gave me a 200- 400 pound valuation on my Wardour St. Hill case. I thought that was fair.
  4. I wondered why there was not even a trace of a label. Thanks for the correction. I also see the hardware is different from Hill cases.
  5. I'd be interested to see what it fetches.
  6. I have an early one, I think they're just nice to look at.
  7. Described as everything but a Hill case. I suppose all cleaned up it could look nice. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Antique-Violin-Case-Coffin-Style-Old-Brass-Hardware-Possibly-French-Origin/114655505780
  8. Would I be correct to assume the groove made for the ribs would be after the alignment? Thanks for the interesting information David.
  9. Actually Jay, there is a pin extending through center at the top plate. Just one that I can see.
  10. Quite possibly 18th c. French. Frebrunet was a strong possibility. I don't see any pins on the front. The experts here have had a good look at the violin, but the pins have been a mystery to me.
  11. Were these pins/nails used solely as a decoration or a guide during construction? I don't seem to be able to find much information on this practice. Thanks.
  12. Rue, if I was just learning how to play Cello, I would jump on the chance to own that. Warts and all.
  13. Best to you too Josep. Thanks for the wonderful music.
  14. I've always said. E-Bay is not the problem any more than the seller at a garage sale or flea market. E-bay just happens to be a flea market larger than New York City. Lots of junk lots of great deals.
  15. So true, Jacob. What I have found lately though is that what I would take on in my mid 20's/30's when I thought nothing was impossible to fix has now become " I don't have time to waste on another project that will just sit on a shelf"
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