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    History, Scandinavian art forms and Viking history. History of Great Britain in the medieval age. Scotland. I read and play the pipes. France during the period 1789 to 1812. Collecting 18thc. manuscripts,indentures,newspapers etc. A little woodworking www.vikingcarver.com. Interested in very old violins.

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  1. Bromptons gave me a 200- 400 pound valuation on my Wardour St. Hill case. I thought that was fair.
  2. I wondered why there was not even a trace of a label. Thanks for the correction. I also see the hardware is different from Hill cases.
  3. I'd be interested to see what it fetches.
  4. I have an early one, I think they're just nice to look at.
  5. Described as everything but a Hill case. I suppose all cleaned up it could look nice. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Antique-Violin-Case-Coffin-Style-Old-Brass-Hardware-Possibly-French-Origin/114655505780
  6. Would I be correct to assume the groove made for the ribs would be after the alignment? Thanks for the interesting information David.
  7. Actually Jay, there is a pin extending through center at the top plate. Just one that I can see.
  8. Quite possibly 18th c. French. Frebrunet was a strong possibility. I don't see any pins on the front. The experts here have had a good look at the violin, but the pins have been a mystery to me.
  9. Were these pins/nails used solely as a decoration or a guide during construction? I don't seem to be able to find much information on this practice. Thanks.
  10. Rue, if I was just learning how to play Cello, I would jump on the chance to own that. Warts and all.
  11. Best to you too Josep. Thanks for the wonderful music.
  12. I've always said. E-Bay is not the problem any more than the seller at a garage sale or flea market. E-bay just happens to be a flea market larger than New York City. Lots of junk lots of great deals.
  13. So true, Jacob. What I have found lately though is that what I would take on in my mid 20's/30's when I thought nothing was impossible to fix has now become " I don't have time to waste on another project that will just sit on a shelf"
  14. Not French? Now I would doubt it's 18thc. A little deception, maybe unintentional.
  15. It's a little vague. For what he is asking you'd think he would focus more on the violin and it's history. I find the case just a distraction.
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