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    History, Scandinavian art forms and Viking history. Collecting Viking artifacts 8th-11thc. History of Great Britain in the medieval age. Scotland. I read and play the pipes. WW2 history. Europe before 1930 and leading up to the war. Collecting 18thc. manuscripts,indentures,newspapers etc. A little woodworking. Interested in very old violins.

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  1. I'm sure the T20 is a better quality instrument. My T19 just had a small varnish blemish which didn't bother me at all. Still a very nice violin. Also came with a decent beginner bow and case.
  2. Just wondering what the general opinion of Yita music Liu Xi workshop is. Are these decent student violins, fairly well made? I purchased a T19 10 years ago and thought it looked decent, however that was a student opinion.
  3. Garth E.

    case age?

    Martin had a similar hardshell case for guitars in the late 70's.
  4. Garth E.


    For an impetuous buyer with a little knowledge this has to be dangerous territory. Bless him if he gets it right and breaks even (rare), such despair if he finds out he's been had. I know a lot of you who have been here a while have seen a lot of that.
  5. Love doors too Rue, from my front door through the hall to the kitchen you pass 7 oak doors. I'm not a big fan of changes to old buildings either.
  6. I think I was pretty lucky with this one, another interesting education. Thanks again.
  7. That someone wrote anything at all is interesting to me. I've been a minor league archaeologist forever.
  8. Hard spot for me to photograph. Definitely see a 3 and maybe a 7. You have to squint a bit. Maybe you'll see something entirely different.
  9. Have read many threads here relating to early Mittenwald violin making and your links. Would it be unreasonable to date this one before 1850?
  10. Thank-you Jacob. I will definitely do the reading.