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  1. Thanks everyone for your help. I contacted Michael Remenyi and it is in fact a fake. Laszlo Rememyi was not known for stamping his initials on the body of the violin and apparently there are a number of fakes out there. I would encourage anyone who comes across this forum in the same position to contact Michael Remenyi.
  2. I purchased a violin in 2013 that I was told was a Laszlo Remenyi violin made in Budapest in 1946. It plays like an absolute dream and I have gotten many compliments on it so I never questioned the worth of the violin itself. I recently had it repaired for a crack and the authenticity of the instrument was called into question. Apparently the tag looks “too new” and the curls of the letters look suspicious when compared to the Laszlo Remenyi tag in the book “Violin Makers of Hungary” by Peter Benedeck. They wouldn’t show me the tag in the book, and apparently don’t want to get involved. Does anyone know what the Laszlo Remenyi tag is supposed to look like? The violin is also stamped with the letters R.L in two places and I was given an official insurance appraisal stating it is a Rememyi violin when we purchased it.