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  1. A guy last week brought me a Markie trade box he had acquired somewhere and essentially demanded that I buy it from him. I walked him through the construction, history and needed repairs and he left angrily when I told him it's potential value. I was luthier number four he had taken it to and apparently none gave him an answer that was acceptable to him.
  2. It's not the man or shop we comment on, it's the Legend! The Juzek phenomena is not quite as common as someone walking into your shop saying they have a genuine Tony Strad, but it's close. There were several million of those German trade boxes manufactured with a myriad of labels. And out of those millions, there are instruments which sound good and those that sound less so.
  3. You could use a paper preservative acid neutralizing spray.
  4. Such Rare, Much Prague! Round up the usual suspects...
  5. Why do you think I have this outrageous accent?
  6. Yup, I used to work museum conservation and I am not aware of any research which would correlate the wood cracks with stringed instruments. As I am sure you are very aware there have been several methods of attempting to arrest the chemical changes occurring with the wood once it is removed from the sea water. Interesting work, I did some work in North Carolina and some in Florida with ship wood. oxidation is a terrible thing.
  7. Well this is just ruining all of the Juzek mystique. I'm still choosing to believe that old man "John Juzek" was gifted esoteric knowledge from the Illuminati who got it from the aliens...and he still completed his most brilliant work in his "senile nudist" period.
  8. Is there a Master Art peg shaver? How much does it cost? Never mind, cost is no object...
  9. Thank you! What happens if you treat a viola?
  10. From the Scratch n Sniff series 12 Days of Christmas.
  11. I used to live in Dublin, I don't remember this particular carving, but St. Michan's is cool.
  12. Bad hair day, and why are the strings all wadded up around the pegbox?
  13. ...carefully stepping away...
  14. Yes, of course, in the adults only section.
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