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  1. Darn it, I wrapped it around a tree...
  2. Yup, my baroque cello customers do a lot of mixing and matching.
  3. No mushroom cloud is no problem. Mushroom cloud, is problem.
  4. We may need a twelve step program for the bottom feeders, I'm just as guilty. All the broken down Mitty and Markie worthless boxes I have. And then I'm always searching for Baroque cellos, but generally all I find is Ba-roke! And my customers,... I do a responsible job of walking them through all the needed repairs and explaining that Aunt Martha's fiddle is worth zero and should be a wall hanger, but people are attached to stuff. I've done two restorations like that recently. In both cases people wanted the instrument restored and playable to hand down in their families.
  5. I believe the algorithm is: Crunchiness plus pressure, minus plate curvature, divided by Illuminati equals Juzek!
  6. Thanks for sharing Rue. And more to come, I'm afraid.
  7. Good points, but I'm with Martin. It's probably all Psych gobbledygook, but admit it, we fall for the romance of the story.
  8. Titanium, carbon fiber and as yet undiscovered exotic alloys! Seriously, I wonder the same thing...
  9. The secrets of Hinterkopf: Hinterkopf spelled backwards is fpokretnih, which is an Illuminati password used by John Juzek Senior to gain admittance to the esoteric rituals, in the top secret shop in former Prague, wherein the Master Arts were constructed, yes in the nude as alleged; but not because Juzek was senile, it was a requirement of the Illuminati ritual. Great attention with the chisel was required in the scroll carving. It must be true, I read it on the Interweb.
  10. Ooh, Ooh, More glue! More glue!
  11. How do you think I got this outrageous accent?
  12. My aluminum cabinet has three of the same bulbs you are using. I have a small motor to hang the instrument and turn 1/3 rpm. The instrument is only about six to eight inches from the bulbs. In grad school when I worked in the museum conservation labs, we hung items as close to the bulbs as possible and lined the cabinets with aluminum foil to enhance reflection. Other folks on MN, may have significantly different systems but my varnish generally needs all the UV it can get.
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that appears to be a year 3120 Juzek Master Art. I'm going by the electrostatic silver varnish. Her technique looks good!
  14. The one David is talking about is ideal. I still have my binocular microscope from med school and Rue is correct, getting adequate light is the issue. Seeing what you are doing on a big screen is the hot setup.
  15. Yes, agreed regarding the amateur makers. People collect for odd reasons though. I have a friend who collects a lot of obscure American instruments from the Midwest. Individually or shop made, he collects examples of them.
  16. Thanks Philip, folks create their own mythologies. My dream is to someday own a Juzek Master Art!
  17. It is indeed a koan, and if we study it with enough diligence, we may gain enlightenment! I chant on my mala beads Such Rare! Much Prague!
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