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  1. That is interesting, thanks for sharing!
  2. They buys the ticket, they takes the ride.
  3. I read on the interweb that when Juzek Senior was really inebriated, he used BOTH an inside and outside mold at the same time...to maintain quality.
  4. The inside mold encourages crayon creativity on the outside of the lines. The outside mold restricts crayons to the inside of the lines.
  5. [and the violas, the precious Juzeks were saved from a certain dark arts riddled sacrilegious end!]
  6. [There's a lookout posted a hundred feet away, on the truck's tailgate is a blanket with a number of Juzek Violas on it...]
  7. The Juzek label fell out and I lost my receipt!
  8. ...I want to dress as a gladiator and yell " Are you not entertained?!!!"
  9. The WWVWA definitely needs to be on roller skates!
  10. Old Ledges will not make any Cremona related comments or memes. I relate to their plight! Covid is tough for everyone. I haven't had a violin repair in three weeks and I don't have a single school repair contract yet for the Fall because most schools in Ohio don't know what they're going to do yet. The last three instruments I've repaired were mandolins and the last one of those is getting picked up tomorrow. Thanks for sharing the article!
  11. Unless it's a viola, then it just gets dipped straight into a vat of acid!
  12. Yup, that's why the first run "high shots" used to make the moonshiners go blind, wrong kind of alcohol chemically!
  13. Yesss, the Juzeks, much power, such precious...and with great power comes great responsibility. Whether these powers will be used for good or evil remains to be seen! (personally, I think the allure of any Juzek Master Art tends to push most mere mortals right over the edge).
  14. I think Philip has more than fifty! He is, how you say, Ringleader! (allegedly), I read it on the Interweb...
  15. Yes, that is concise and well spoken. I always felt that he was perhaps more academic and not quite as much driven, jmho.
  16. Yes, it is beautiful and sunny, a tad bit warm. = (the Juzek Master Art is hidden in the pantry closet)
  17. Shhh, Rue you know we can't discuss this on MN, especially the ultra-secret esoteric Juzek Master Art connection!
  18. Yes, they were sworn to secrecy. They knew that the Illuminati would come for them if they talked, you know, about the Juzek Master Arts. Shhh, drats, I heard a knock at the door...
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