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  1. One interesting thing about lightning striking a tree is it follows a path of optimal conductivity, that is what creates the patterns. In this case there was a significant difference in the moisture content of the heartwood versus the outer wood layers. The heartwood was vaporized for an eleven foot section as if it was surgically removed, leaving behind the burn patterns with no charring.
  2. Maybe the crachelle varnish all cracked off and had to be glued back on. It's a shame about the disclaimer on the label because I saw it listed on the InterWeb just last week...that means it's real, right?
  3. Interesting thread and cool violin! Stray lead, iron and steel bits will also leave metal oxides in the surrounding wood fibers which can color it. I also have some lightning struck Hickory, enough to do two mantels, which I am trying to decide what to do with. I have only seen lightning struck wood a few times, but I'm still brainstorming about a functional/decorative neck for a bass.
  4. Yes, the last firm I did consulting work for, before I retired, is run by Millenials and they are extremely sensitive to their online presence and InterWeb reputation. I would say to the exclusion of all else. Maybe we are heading into some weird new era, but can you imagine the response, or lack thereof, from the old school auction houses? Besides, these complaints have been registered in public forums since the early trading days before Tony Strad's fiddles. What they didn't have to contend with, is the juggernaut of social media.
  5. I thought he managed his anxieties by listening to concertos?
  6. Where's the Like Button for Martin Swan's responses? Common sense dictates that if you remove the technological components of the internet auction, you have the same set of representational descriptors, factors and associated documents that have been part of the buying and selling process of violins at auction for hundreds of years. It was interesting to read the Consumer Rights Act simply because I am not a lawyer. My fears, and there are several, regarding taking the matter to small claims, primarily is that there is a great deal of latitude for interpretation. A judge could conceivably rule that the object in contention is indeed a wood box with strings, you smack it with a stick and if it sounds/functions better than the yowling of a cat, you done got your money's worth, since that is what it was designed to do and was marketed as a wood box to produce sound. All the rest is interpretation and caveat emptor! I once bought a violin at auction and put it away for a dozen years because I was so horrified with the condition issues I didn't initially suspect. I was deeply ashamed. Last year, I got it on the bench, and it is currently apart being repaired. I feel better about it because of two auction results during the past decade when I wasn't thinking about it. Hope springs eternal! I remain extremely wary of condition reports and try not to be smitten by the shiny bits or the angry mob.
  7. Good observation, I see it as exploiting a technological niche also.
  8. Yes, exactly so, I would make the analogy to horse nicking charts or being a stock analyst, those final auction numbers have a significant impact on future threshold values. It also makes me wonder at times why the Chinese and Indian fine art investors are not simply buying them all in anticipation of their future markets.
  9. Yes, there are bubbles certainly, but it's amazing how much fine art China and India are buying up around the globe.
  10. Love your Bass, How cool is that?!!! It definitely should be in contention for a VSA tone certificate! They will probably complain that there isn't a category for it. How about Jug Band Ba-roke? Then, when it wins, you can take it to Oberlin for some scans so the scientists can decipher its secrets!
  11. In similar fashion to exact placement of the label, the built special crachelle varnish must contribute to the sound.
  12. Okay pardon, but what is TYPE crachelle varnish, built special, but not true crachelle? aack! At least, with the Gutenberg press you can get a nice heavy impression with the added bonus of a clean clear modern font!
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