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  1. The bot is a good idea. I wonder whatever happened to the MN automated Juzek query response bot?
  2. However, it's the only way to quickly and accurately print Juzek labels.
  3. Interesting point AND look at the crazy things that get written on the insides of plates etc.
  4. Yes, there are so many things about the Tarisio story which drift into convenient fable.
  5. OMG this thread! Now, that comment is going to trigger the Weasel Union of Tuning Fork Constructors or WUTFC.
  6. I think I saw "visually attractive tonal disasters" in the sales brochure.
  7. Okay, I'm lost again! I was good with the agreement about the "conning tower" bass bars, because even I know how to repair those and that they are bad. Bad bass bars bad! Then the thread moved on to Michelangelo and the cost of "David's manhood", who knew? and just when I was thinking, what? surgery or pills?, the thread moved on to and I quote, "Paganini looking for another 'thick' GDG. ....and now I'm lost on MN again.
  8. Ha Ha, (no speculation re: how Juzeks were distributed over the planet)!
  9. Book is starting to smoke, is no problem.
  10. Ooh ooh, polyurethane Frankenfiddle! Round up the usual suspects! ( and not a single slanderous J. Juzek comment in the entire thread!)
  11. Scary label, the repair label looks as though it has curved and square corners, wonder what the history was, or maybe it's all fabricated.
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