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  1. Oh, and the sound is always (mature, rich and mellow). If you discount the rattles and buzzes.
  2. Not digging the repair label(s). It looks like a Markie in my shop that gets moved around every couple years because what it's going to cost to bring it back is not worth it. Nevertheless folks bring one or two a year and then get angry that they're not going to make a profit on it if they get the work done.
  3. You know what I'm gonna say...but is the Juzek algorithm detector on the fritz again?
  4. Return to you lives citizens! Nothing unusual to see here.
  5. Where all the best MN threads go, spinning off into the dark web!
  6. Hey when your gluteal muscles are worn out. What to do, What to do?
  7. Well responsible societies cannot simply have these folks run in the streets.
  8. Why yes of course, it's all so very much clearer now! I see the beauty and truth of all wisdom expressed on MN...and it doesn't matter what the others in group counseling say, MN is not a cult at all!
  9. Good Thread! There certainly is lots of psychology involved. I would still like to psychonalyze my attraction to battered Baroque instruments, worm holes and all.
  10. Ha Ha, that's good! Such Rare, Much Plague! I think it may stick even though it is gravely sacrilegious. Then there is the risk of invoking the angry ghost of the Old Man himself, John Juzek Senior. Legend has it that his angry ghost will appear naked at the foot of your bed holding a chisel and a gouge!
  11. The Master's personal stamp? You know like the Grail, but for rare violins.
  12. Now that it is on MN, the technical term "Juzekesque" must be entered into the canonical lexicon, (in hushed and respectful tones of course). Let's show a little decorum here.
  13. Such Rare, Much Prague! Ah yes, the Americans, they get very excited!
  14. If Barry had some records that would be great. I know there are folks interested in the history if anything is known or can be learned. The only restoration possible is to keep it playable. I have one very similar and it is an orphan, most likely cut down Baroque. It has almost sixty cleats, a patina cello if you will. It is also in Ohio.
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