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  1. It’s old for certain. And the pegbox is very narrow, that A peg is going to be a right pain.
  2. Jo Stephens


    If your goal is to buy nicer quality with a view to resale and upgrade later, you might be better off buying a well setup antique instrument from one of the big violin shops rather than a new Chinese made instrument. They can be very good value but the resale is much lower than your initial outlay, also harder to find a buyer as anyone in the market for such an instrument can afford to buy new.
  3. The bridge stamp was not mentioned or pictured in the listing. I’m confident the bridge does belong to the violin, it is well fitted and has clearly been on there a long time. The case and bows are all consistent with 1920s London.
  4. I can't see. I will ask my luthier to check when he changes the fittings. Is the name on the bridge important? D Vlummens?
  5. The second violin does have "W Heaton maker" written in ink. Another Heaton violin is discussed in this thread, do you think they look similar?
  6. I’m quite surprised that the consensus so far is that both violins are from the same place, they are extremely different. Perhaps this doesn’t show so well in photographs.
  7. I reckon Juilliard might be better, I have heard of it anyway. I wonder which school they chose in the end and how they got on with their studies.
  8. Would it be a bad idea to switch out the fittings for boxwood?
  9. And violin number 2 - bridge is stamped D. Vlummens
  10. Ok, I've had another go at taking photos, apologies for previous substandard efforts.
  11. New tailpiece installed, the old one has an integral adjuster that was working but didn't have a lot of movement on it. Trying to decide whether or not to fit new pegs. Is it better to keep the old ones so long as they work? Or does this not matter really?
  12. Any thoughts on this one?
  13. Yes Martin, hence I know nothing of its history. The luthier who repaired it told me he thought it was not a trade instrument but by a single maker, possibly English.