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  1. Hi, no, there is man who is selling those violins.
  2. Hi, what do you think after a first looking at those violins? Are the made good or not? Which one would you like? Thanks to everydbody for answer.
  3. ionu7

    Advice violin

    i have a friend that has this violin, he paid 1500 euros for it, from a romanian luthier, and i heard that this luthier buys form china , a good set up and he sell at a higher price. Does it looks like a chinese violin?
  4. Thanks to all for asnwers, i apreciate your advices, but for exemple what do you think about mine violin? It s a karl hofner bubenreuth 1980, i paied for it 500 euros.. i think it s.. i m not an expert but i think it s a cheap quality violin, and the sounds is poor, compared with other violins from my friends..
  5. Hi i found this violin on internet, it is about 1100 euros, what do you think about it? Thanks for answering.