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    Violin ID (x2)

    I’ll agree with that. However, part of the underlying theme here is that you don’t take your ford to a Ferrari dealer (and vice versus)
  2. Jrwillis

    Violin ID (x2)

    We aren’t working on a strad here. Perhaps outside of Austria one could find a shop to repair the instrument to a working order for significantly less. For 1000 euro repair bill it would be hitting the dustbin.
  3. Jrwillis

    Violin ID (x2)

    I would expect to pay approximately $200-300 usd to get it up and rolling. Perhaps a little more depending on what else needs done. Nice looking older fiddle in the end tho
  4. Jrwillis

    Violin ID (x2)

    The one with the double purfling looks reasonably nice. Start with the other. No harm messing that one up. I am no expert but the “good” one doesn’t look that bad off. If it were mine I’d probably take it into a shop and have the belly crack glued up and set it up.
  5. Fine tuners are a big no on a violin. And they do affect the sound. I occasionally buy violins from an someone who caters to fiddlers. He slaps on the ol witner black plastic thing. I can hardly wait to get home to replace it
  6. So I think the late night emails complaint is bogus. People email late at night sorry. However the expectation that someone must immediately respond back is a bit too much. Now the rest of the creepiness yes perhaps. I suspect this sort of behavior is all over higher education not just the music conservatories.
  7. Well there are repairs done on a strad and repairs you do on this ...
  8. So out of curiosity Where and when would we suppose this violin was made?
  9. If you are regraduating a factory instrument then there is little harm in that. Doing the same on a violin crafted by a single maker is different. It is like painting in clouds in some artists painting because you thought there weren’t enough. Perhaps the next owner won’t think the violin “sounds better”
  10. Go to a local shop and rent one. It will be set up and ready to go.
  11. There is something about a label inside a violin that people like. First thing everyone does is pick up the violin and peak inside. To the uninitiated, no label is a head scratcher.
  12. Looks to be in pretty good shape. For what you got in it I’d say you did alright:)