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  1. Yeah, I've noticed that there's the misconception around the online community that Rondos are lower tension strings. Check the kg data on their official websites. I'm talking about Evah Pirazzi Gold, not Evah Pirazzi. Evah Pirazzi Gold: G Gold: 4.8 kg | G Silver: 4.9 kg D: 4.7 kg A: 5.5 kg E: 8.0 kg Rondo: G: 4.8 kg D: 4.8 kg A aluminum: 5.7 kg | A chrome: 6.0 kg E: 8.2 kg
  2. What I don't like in Peter Infeld, Titanium Solo, probably many Thomastik strings other than Dominant, I don't know if Rondos are the same... is that the string thickness is not by order. Like the G string is thinner than the D string, and all the strings are relatively thin. That is making me switch my preference to Pirastro. I'm trying EP Golds and I like them more. They're also lower tension than Rondos.
  3. A bridge in the correct angle always appears to be leaning back. But yeah it was slightly, I do it on purpose and then tune the violin using the pegs and check the 90 degrees with a ruler. When tuning it always leans slightly to the front.
  4. Is it usual for the bass bar to be this visible? This violin has a very dark sound, it sounds almost like a viola or celo, I'm guessing the two things are related...
  5. Wait... It's not the Titanium Solo next to Obligato, it's Titanium Orchestra. That makes sense. I didn't remember that they exist. The Shar chart is actually a good chart.
  6. Interesting chart. I wonder how Obligato and Titanium Solo are so close together, when they're opposite strings. edit: nevermind, that's titanium orchestra. If you want something similar to Evahs but different, try Peter Infeld. They last longer. Here's a completely different chart: Introduction to strings - ViolinStringReview.com
  7. Thanks. Wow, G and A are actually larger on the EPG. From where did you take that information, or did you measure it yourself? Can you get PI and Obligato?
  8. Peter Infeld strings are thinner in diameter than Dominants. Are Evah Pirazzi Gold the same way, or are they closer to Dominants? It's hard to see it through pictures.
  9. I've contacted them, these are the tensions: 25 (Light) – 16 lbs 26 (Medium) – 17.8 lbs 27.5 (Heavy) – 19lbs Seem quite high tension oriented, their "light" is basically a Goldbrokat medium.
  10. I use Andrea Solo and I'm looking for a Gold rosin to combine and apply like two strokes, after applying Andrea, to achieve a warmer tone. My Laubach Gold has only one small piece left. I'm looking at Pirastro Goldflex and Piratro Evah Pirazzi Gold rosins. I know that the Goldflex has actual gold powder, but I'm not sure about the Pirazzi Gold? Does it actually have gold powder or the "gold" is only present in the name because of the strings's name?
  11. Which ones? Have you tried them all? Most of Thomastik's "higher end" strings have long durability, Visions, PIs...
  12. You're basically describing the Vision line of strings
  13. So many strings on the market and you want the Luthier ones... I'm sure Thomastik have other strings very similar to Rondos and I don't believe they're better than PIs.