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    E strings

    Pirastro Gold Label E (medium) is my favorite E-string. Great sound, warm but but powerful. I think it has the perfect tension, Goldbrokat is lower, then, I dislike the quality of the tube, also the peg protective part is too short. I don't like Tonica, not just the E, but the entire set, it's quite higher tension than Dominant, in most cases decreasing the instrument's response as a trade-off for more volume and a little more bass.
  2. Maybe we aren't talking about the same one. G Major
  3. Do you consider Vivaldi G Major RV 310 to be quite easier than A minor? Or close?
  4. It was a rhetorical question I like your ordering, two Bach concertos in a row can probably be avoided though. I like Vivaldi A minor, but curiously I didn't' play it when I was a student, my teacher gave me Vivaldi G minor. I think is a little step above A minor and sounds a bit romantic.
  5. Of course I do, how is Bruch close to Vivaldi A minor? I've been listening and checking the sheet music of everything suggested here, the winners are: -Dancla Air Varie Nº1 -Dancla Air Varie Nº4 -Dvorak Sonatina op.100 Dvorak is a bit harder but not much, maybe a bit too long. Thanks everyone.
  6. Also a very good one, I recognize it from somewhere.
  7. Yes, romantic era, to contrast with baroque. I want something around the same skill level for the left hand, "the notes", positions, as Vivaldi A minor. The point is to focus more on sound production, phrasing and vibrato. It's for 14 year olds who have been learning for 4 years. I was never really curious to check out other music other than what my teachers give me, over the many years I studied. And I didn't use to listen to erudite music much either. So now I don't know a lot of repertoire. Those suggestions seem good, maybe except for Monti and Beethoven, which I know but they're too hard for now. Thanks.
  8. Hello, I would like to receive suggestions for a romantic Violin Concero, Sonata or pieces, about the same difficulty as Vivaldi A minor., which would allow the student to focus more on romantic phrasing and vibrato. Thank you.
  9. It's between 40% and 60%. I always try to keep my room under 60%, I use a dehumidifier all day when I'm not in the room. Outside it's always 70%-100% all year. I have a good case with great isolation, if I close the case at let's say 57% humidity, it will keep that level of humidity inside for many days or weeks, even if the case goes to more humid environments. Obviously for this you can't use wooden cases.
  10. True, but that doesn't really help, because precisely about those facts, people say that Pirastro strings usually feel more stiff and Thomastik's are softer, which is the opposite of what I'm feeling here.
  11. I actually like the sound, much more than regular Dominants. It's just the tense/stiff feeling that doesn't really make sense, when they should be the same tension as Obligato. I'm really curious about these tension values, how accurate and comparable they are.
  12. I've been trying the new Dominant Pro, and I'm getting a lot a high tension feeling, fast détaché is hard to play and the strings feel stiff, unresponsiveness when playing with low bow pressure. That didn't happen with Obligato. So I've decided to check the tensions from the official websites, here they are: Obligato: G: 4.5kg D: 4.7kg A: 5.4kg Total: 14,6 Dominant Pro: G: 4.6kg D: 4.5kg A: 5.5kg total: 14,6 It's interesting how the total tension is the same, they're just distributed differently. Do Thomastik and Pirastro measure tensions the same way? I'm not sure if it's worth it to try getting used and adapt to Dominant Pro, or just leave them. Anyone has used both and experienced the same?
  13. I don't use a string protector, I've been using that Götz loop end Gold fine tuner for a year and a half and never broke any string.
  14. "The string tension data has been gathered from the string companies themselves. Each company may use slightly different string lengths in their tests" Weird, so the companies decided for slightly different data when putting it on their websites and packages.
  15. Very unlikely that the manufactures would publish wrong tensions. The chart is old, some, companies didn't have it public. It puts Evah Gold as higher tension than PIs, but from my experience, PIs are higher tension, like you can conclude from the official websites.
  16. That's not all correct, I think some of tose values were calculated/guessed, before the manufactures put their data available on their websites. For example, it says Evah Golds are higher tension than PIs, but in reality, it's the other way around. That chart gives a good general idea, but If you want to compare strings, use the official websites.
  17. Only Luthiers say that... It's just not the best for playing. Anyway I've never damaged or wore a bow in that location, and I use a somewhat "corrosive" cream.
  18. For most people, the thumb goes in the tiny space between the leather and the frog.
  19. Maybe it was as bow for a baroque player, they like to grab them more forward.
  20. It's the same because of a big difference in the E-string, don't let that fool you. It's normal for the E-string to be higher tension. You notice the tension more on G D A, and for those 3 strings, Golds are lower. Obligato: G: 4.5 kg D: 4.7 kg A: 5.4 kg E: 8.0 kg Evah Pirazzi Gold: G Gold: 4.8 kg | G Silver: 4.9 kg D: 4.7 kg A: 5.5 kg E: 8.0 kg Evah Pirazzi: G: 4.9 kg D: 4.8 kg A: 5.6 kg E: 7.8 kg Rondo: G: 4.8 kg D: 4.8 kg A: 5.7 kg E: 8.2 kg
  21. That is well known, Greens are higher tension than Golds. Golds are just a little above Obligato.
  22. Rondos are higher tension than Evah Pirazzi, Dominant Pro are lower tension than Evah Pirazzi Gold (Golds are lower than PIs). Given that, you can have some idea of how they compare. I also don't like regular Dominants, I don't like the tone of G and D (lack of bass) and their break-in time and tuning stability isn't the best. Same here, I will continue using Evah Golds because they're larger in diameter, Dominant Pro are too thin. Evah P. Gold are almost perfect strings (perfection may not exist).
  23. Yeah, I've noticed that there's the misconception around the online community that Rondos are lower tension strings. Check the kg data on their official websites. I'm talking about Evah Pirazzi Gold, not Evah Pirazzi. Evah Pirazzi Gold: G Gold: 4.8 kg | G Silver: 4.9 kg D: 4.7 kg A: 5.5 kg E: 8.0 kg Rondo: G: 4.8 kg D: 4.8 kg A aluminum: 5.7 kg | A chrome: 6.0 kg E: 8.2 kg
  24. What I don't like in Peter Infeld, Titanium Solo, probably many Thomastik strings other than Dominant, I don't know if Rondos are the same... is that the string thickness is not by order. Like the G string is thinner than the D string, and all the strings are relatively thin. That is making me switch my preference to Pirastro. I'm trying EP Golds and I like them more. They're also lower tension than Rondos.
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