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  1. Hey Just wanted to get opinions on this Cello I was told it is German and from around early to mid 1800’s. Thoughts? thanks!!
  2. Hey I found this fiddle locally it has a extended neck but instead of being grafted at the scroll is got a wooden spacer added where the neck and body join. It has a French lable on inside 1798 but I suspect it’s not French at all Or 18th century . Thoughts??? German? Pre 1850?!
  3. One piece back....fully blocked, bushed peg holes, grafted scroll. Sounds really pretty. thoughts??
  4. It’s sounds very good except the G is a little dark and nasally sounding for me but I noticed the bridge is in sad shape and the sound post is slightly out of place so I hope fixing these will solve that
  5. 1915 Gibson L-4, 1943 Gibson L-50 and 1919 Gibson L-3
  6. Here are full pics of this old fiddle I was told is late 1700’s English. ....It has grafted scroll, bushed peg holes, it’s fully blocked . No purfling on the top and the back purfling is stenciled on. Thoughts on age and country?? I tried to get pics of the inside but focus is not great .
  7. Hey again sorry I promise this is my last fiddle to ask about. I was told that this is an English fiddle and probably late 1700’s . The purfling is stenciled on the back and I don’t see any on the top however the top is so worn it may have been there at one time but now gone . The neck is grafted. Unfortunately this is the only 2 pictures I have . This fiddle was a professional blue grass players for a long time.
  8. This is the lightest and best sounding fiddle I have it’s loud and the tone is very sweet and pure but I know nothing about it other than it’s been Repaired a lot lol. It has a grafted scroll. Thoughts on age? Origin?
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